On my Superman shit

Would Superman get high? Apparently if anyone asks him if he gets high he is really evasive and says he flies around the planet, stuff like that, every fucking day. And night. He’s just a bit tired he says. And his eyes are bright red because he…he accidentally flew into Jupiter. Yeah, sure, Superman, man. Get eye drops from a chemist and then you can get as high as you want!

Allegedly he laughed and a few nearby trees got flattened. This next bit nobody believes like u wouldn’t believe.

They say he hollowed out one of the trees with a firm grip and calmly rolled a blunt with the bark and some herb which he simply conjured. He sparked it using a friendly star which laughed for a million years. The jovial sun then sighed, had a bit of a cry, then made a sarnie. A little star sarnie, the contents of which the star simply wouldn’t divulge. A little sun secret. In fact, most suns hardly ever tell anyone about their sandwiches, it’s just a sun thing.

After Mr Man was done, legend says a glowing, iridescent, bright green cloud was seen floating naturally across New York City, raining purple on both Shaolin and Manhattan. There were mad lightning storms but when it cleared a beautiful rainbow appeared, inverted to look like a smile, and two rainbow eyes above. The appreciative onlookers appreciated the Super-emoticon appreciatively 🙂 R

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