Queens Jubilant Jubilee Discourse

Yeah. I think I I think I think…

i-think I think think they think i’m… man if I could get it together I could have got a couple of bags off the title. Oh absolutely sir. Wanna know the real truth? Keep writing, soldier. But this 4 now –((( you are the Earths best secret…keep it that way)))that’s bullshit, representing the UK in any way. My American buddies know about me, they were gonna gimme a little… thats right in a way, man, but, uh…

keep writing yeah…YEAH!?! 8) 8) 8) thats yours, your ….sorry….your invention, like the ”’think”’, thr DAH double artifivial harmonic, maybe? Oh, really the whole Apple prognosis, yeah, when u were driving to Sainsburys in Norwich…

hmmm…yh in my head…i remember a recall from the future? Uhh I thought like ”’all the songs in the world…in one place”’ well that happened, and, like Pantera, sure x

travelled as a thought from the 29th century, invented by myself in the…the…the…the…the future yeah

??Proof?? prove to who? Too much…

In England? You expect me to take what Anselmo, P. to court?

Whatever. Whatever yeah. We Want

GRAP Back. Back? My heart sinks like Buzzkill by Ash…i got a feeling…did some stupid greedy motherfucker steal the program? U want it back? I didnt know it had been aired in U.S.A. I knew it was on USSR Boxes because…what I cant tell the truth even only in my Mind Over, Even Only Here, on my Deeply Flawed Apple shit….oh………im getting hated, ppl didnt like it. So fucking what, dont look. Who? Were sorry we had to….

man vibes went with an enemy 4ever popping up

going 4 cig. Uhhhh….ask Taucetttttttyyyyy1.4767369472 because thats where it originated.

Need her? no…….oh……

**********stars are shining again*************because of our love***stars dont have 2 pretend now***stars are infinite, your bf is not.***settle down, starz******and learn a valuable lesson in Rog street politics…….what is that on your head, close to that green sphere, R?**********go stars****watch Im Like A Bird Vid*******************************relesased 1 june 2022 by Nelly Furtado, u dont like it? Uhhh ok ******but shes infinite and holds the key to our future, together with Rog OG etc, Fluffy***********************

*we saw the vid…doesnt she love herslf any more (can get that off Rog…love enough 4 both of us)

maybe…(its a setup I swear nothings this good and free

ILAB sw andra! Thats a lot of stars…when Nelly does it its ok 4 anda but not the Hubble…we dont like you looking as us, __________

awwww a good natured star region, a winning smile both beautiful and proper

thinking its What NF does, talk to suns (whos fucking toes are they?) I am still alive kind of u Can(()))bullshit In Me Only

killed maybe………and……..it……..starts……….allover again

Oh I Scored. Slept with her, literally

perhaps reward by her for a rousing version of Aint No Telling by Me but by Hendrix then

just then the magickal energy which was donated by myself was used against me, a glitch in the matrix, energy derived from ”’I cant live without you, you win”’ Her, I was lying down on my single bed…bed…

no the magix gone, but I got a date to marry Her…The first day of June 20lol and….

and she…a set up she warned…something pretended to be Ron Jeremy, after he exited stage magnificently, like Im Ron Jeremy and im done with this shit, dickhead stole the energy, then rapes your girl, sir, and mine, energy from Nelly, man, electric like how nf got started, dendrites

******goood shit more later 8)



as my man TT would often exclaim..

ORRRR…..theres a man with genuine options within an unfriendly framework but still…..i dont feel I need to point out that I still love him.

not him or nelly At All ***

meanstar ppl! Choice! Like a choice goal….a choice sample of brie just when you thought cheese was an english invention, fictional….”’i ask you, snooks, where is my (weve got to visit rog again!) …(! ?) 8) were wasting our time, theres no dairy products of any circumstance here..

*a loose cheese is…what, forced? Makes me look weird but…thrust into Arthurs beautiful face…at first annoyed to be violated…then the anger subsides as he realise that it’s…Camambere! (Taxi for A?)

earth is fucked up, arthur, man, weve got to play GRAP against beatuiful Taurans being fucked up after being invited by the USA / UK

a- (got to go)

(not just about cheese u know… theres cricket too lol

and i’ll forego the kilo of merchandice in the name of honour, that is, unless its Rockforte, Rog 8)

were here to see you not him! Who?

Arthur exits and rog feels lonely and scared…rumours of ASAP GRAP…who’s holding it back?

A gift from arthur in the name of And’a’n vibes in the Corridor is all but spurned by R, who apologises…can And’a mechanisms truly be manifest on this crazy crazy rock we call Terra? Partly estrangad?

Not on your fucking life sob woof…cat eat…sob woofers…my dog must eat biscuits from a priceless heavily and discretely enammeled saucer…imagination machine( you use Me* as)…ive got no imagination due to shalalalala brain da…no, you’re not upsetting me…is it because I prefer Tau Ceti? 8( sometimes, yeah. I dont…i feel…i need a councillor. A’a, you know its weird how I cant talk to…oh by all means impose…Buzz…Fucking…Kill

cant talk to anyone about this, talk with the blablabla *so what? Were doing this for our benefit (who is this? Think some ppl jus wanna be part of my would be code, well it must be ‘cos u can’t read it…Boring? Me?

A reality test 4 sure is coming up…on a banana shaped lozenge weighing approx One Ounce…oh of course of

im tired, quite a compliment to u that my pseudobrain cant cope…describe my day? Yeah OK…ohhhh but would it be too fucking boring yes probably my day a typical sample of OK… i’m going 4 a cig Outside im im allowed ****security protocol 1443 – a nonce in an elevator***

…dont use the lift. If im allowed to go outside At All honestly ive been part of creating an interesting vibe

(and which Rog r u today?

That’s fair but how would I know?

Moods of a Paranoid Schizo with Psychosis, Autism, Depression and…Alien shit in the Junk DNA? Woof.)

We want to be with you too

me too

G shit is fucked up

rog is boring due to CH niknaks/tictacs joke which compressed two jokes into one or 3 in 2…FM? They argued…………………………………………………….they say…………………………………………………….that if u did this, the…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnggggtime…….need to balance something to make a purchase, wont impress flush, son…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….wedge the shit homey…………u was gonna say why……………..not why not but why……………..……….orrrrrrrr…***************************************************************************i need help ASAP********************************…….in the name of dw……..hmmmmmmmmma stoic defence of mankind and then some? Nah del…or u r off on transylvania malarky? Whatever…u hear that from Pompey? Yes? I hope u do and sympathise this dude is truthful and mad, copy? Yo if u on …lol sides again RMF, lyrical? Hmmmmmmmmmmm these things take time (yo…some mad wigga manifest in corner chair…we not ba’al we african americans?…powder blue eyes, white then black skin..Oh u from Haiti? Man…my fuckin teef hurt, is that haiti or Timmy? Either way….

Oh, I was described as a talented rapper by one of my favourite rappers, praise is nice from someone you uhhh…respect 8) one of the nicest ever *more and windy bag back ok no?

Buuuut this shit…too much of a threat to my person…i understand why they always on about ”’never go outside again”’ yeah ok what u gonna send smokes from And’a? Hmm..oh actuallty yes its in your relationship with staff file?/ criticising my social skillz? Oh talk FM or PL

(that was sadio mane being chased by an elephant btw…Mane…my uh opinion? Good song by Nirvana but thats just opinion I guess…………..i feel completely fucked and yeah after the would-be performance I get…not…fuck, im fighting to survive At All, dude does it for heart, pride and honour. If he ever became an ant I think he’d get on well. But then I put him on the board of dgwf and he sadly failed to satisfy all consumers, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo maybe he’d…dunno. Man I didnt grow up in a yh whatever We Did in a hood of Queens some of us Oh Rappers…an olde friend covers eyes and laughs ”’nnnnnoooo!!!!”’ just quit that rap shit and write about animals like ….yeah I must have overlooked many (in a hood u mean? (we just want to be involved in your life, writing etc, sorry* oooorrr….))hmmmmmm) man sounds mutually beneficial….share this: I beat Canibus in a Battle. Nobody…man, ask Chuck D…funny, u say the name and a hybrid zulu with a laptop chucks a spear at me from across the way……………………………………………………………….oh my man says that this hospital has the lowest recovery level in the entire County (state ish) and…man…uh…Ma (?) uhhh wheres my Paper? Oh What A Carve Up 8(

8( disattisfied with HB (was it hb or roger f”) dont matter you’re the best in the World right now…at this style of style manns

wanna be involved in my life, not necc. my attempts to do anything of course…Oh u mean Life? Man…oh I thought..seeing…man im soooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of fighting ppl…things, stars, galaxies (TALK TO GALAXIES TO BE…NOW outside with a Fag , with Whitehouse etc….OK? Uhhh that’s fair)


a trap? I should know, I got caught in a FoxTrap Equivalent

went outside thru reception, like the travelling Testaverdis, outside with my customary cigarette, smoked adjacent to fierce No-Smoking signs with less than normal comfort. You see, it windy and cold, I went to renew relationship with P.Salt, he was messed up, everything was wrong, neither of us were high, …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………woof! Wait 4 c reaction 8) wd


Further Reminders of Our Future (equivalent of a Bonus Feature)…bonus is a funny word, sounds like bone us, like slutty women would think or say. Anyway, I typed this up.



yeah. This is gonna take a while. Was just thinking the problem with Music is Musicians. Mosaicians? Most musicians probably couldnt get a mosaic together, neither physically in mosaic form, like The Snooks could and can. Oh, or a musical mosaic? Few could, dunno, like

Jimi Hendrix or …man…i mean is it just complexity, like layers, so rappers could never mosaic because of the comparative simplicity of the beats?

Music? Rap like I was saying seems an easy, logical start, but I dont want to do it, and im not, for various reasons. It’s…spiteful and I never got anywhere despite trying hard, ended brutally exploited justified by hate, hate, as far as I can see, because I was putting my shit out for free.

Aaaaaaand for other reasons, man, any excuse to hate Rog, Horsebox being another. I didnt start a Music chapter to talk about my own stuff anyway, but I guess its the start of a new book, I got a few ideas already / anyway / should it be an autobiography? A self-penned great work? Like they all aren’t? This book writing sure dont pay well, I got steam on MacOS but cant afford the Beta of FM2022 so…yeah, u tell, u see im honest when I say I got no money. Its other ppl, got your own money, great, u got my money, less great, like in Rog Inc. for example, Gra and Germaine? A telling duo, telling fibs more like, calling my mum a liar types. They are very similar, hunt in pairs, I heard germ hates gra more than he hates me, so…why do they work in tandem?

Canibus used as a reward for R by G?


Music? Shit. My taste? ‘eclectic’ like everyone nowadays. My faves u can read on ‘The Green List’ by me, but man, whats the point writing about something the reader cannot experience? Either my perspective as I listen to music, or even your own, listening to music your own way? Thats the thing being from The 28th Century, being stranded, lost in Time in the past, with Neanderthal Fakes.

I guess if u read this on your sexy sleek machine it could have the option of you listening to the songs, which is a start.


“What a bloody nightmare for England, then, as we run out of money completely, Chancellor”


—–”Will MPs be taking a voluntary pay cut, to show willing, in this time of poverty?”(q by me)

Muffled answer – (£100,000 doesn’t go very far )

its always annoyed me that the PM position is a Job, a Job like any other, may as well be a Graduate position, like MI5 (oh here we go) (you’re the new cromwell(do u accept/)its opinion, im the new Lots of Things, but of course respect Oliver Cromwell. I could be PM? No I couldn’t, not from this position, to say I, RMF, the Roger F, the Lyrical, should be Prime Minister and it all makes sense is a different story. ‘Should’ is a strange word. Like theres blame attached, at least when youre down like me, have had a few beatings , though none physically while conscious, to quote Necro (musician, Jew, Pimp, entrepreneur)

“I never got fucked up by anyone my own age, ever.”

but then he grew up in Projects somewhere in New York, and I grew up the Wrong side of Worthy Road if I wanted a Crew or a Hood, or if I wanted any friends at all where shit is like Rog is a spoilt rich kid. Yo, In real time, like the FBI arent watching me, I respect that, I hope they respect me, clearing my name being synonymous with exposing Liars and frauds, man, you’re gonna have to accept that Rog, aka LoveMushroon aka RogLozenge aka Horsebox, is the epitome of American Values. Sure, its easy to type that when the FBI are (hi! How can we help? You want help with my files?) I was Never Your Enemy. Oh, yeah, apart from then. Whatever. I feel calm, mature, measured, cool, tempered, but for some reason I keep thinking about Alanis Morissette. Perhaps she is a Spy? Was she the one from New York with the big tits who I spoke to and we got on really well, the one who I thought was Tom Araya out of Slayer’s Wife? Spirit In Black.

Vapebreak (I smoke Ice Queen)

g tastes defeat, I can tell 🙂

“this time its epitome”

and says hes proud of me

fuck off, gra-ndma pretend

dont pretend its a personal battle anew, brotherfucker, sisterfucker, earthfucker, motherfucker.

What do you accept defeat as or was? At ? Get off my page.

“i am disappointed in my brother for telling the truth”


“and for hiding the lies in his life between clenched teeth…as I enter his body again and again. Thats all. Think Long and Hard about it”

quote from Graham Francis

see what I mean?

Its a voice in my head, the quote, same as Cromwell.

Didnt that just stop me Dead?

Nothing should get punished for merely trying to survive

attempting to

avoid pain

or not

depends, but im big on morality

most deities are. Taucettti, would you? Imbed? Or not, cool, oh, her, yeah. Youre in shit for torturing me. Lots of things are, though.

This is Music, that shit I wrote, to me. Beautiful. Until Gra turned up. Then it was more like love being raped by a reptile. Love being Raped? Yknow, love itself, as an essence, a thing, being penetrated forcibly,

I can feel him

not this time, rapist, thers too any ppl tho u love an audience, check your email bro!

As I laugh and FBI and CIA too

“you can keep england. Im off to ? That wasnt a quote”(G)

I get a headache and he says its what he controls my mum with. I knew. Monster. Arrest him, PM

or will he Kill Again I USA, Letwin?

Then he says I duped him into believing im better than him, he appears as a USA Bluff, SMA controlled, sodomises me so I can feel it from 40 inches away, I feel it go it, then my tap turns on I my bathroom and he says Kill Yourself, Go On

I thought you might stop. G-Rape

im gonna call a friend. No, not pete, who u fucked up me old china.


Eard u dont like pandas

did the music stop? Man….

We could have Peace…i was fucking writing about music, now its like shit chess. Im down, you would be too.

England is as good as dead, allowing this to happen. Does g work for Intelligence? Even then? Is he a fake doctor? A rapist? Hmmmmm

letwin ”’says”’ he rapes like a granny.

Letwins a cunt, too

Paxman is the soundest authority on me, I think, the best Rog Knowledge, thats why some cunt fucked his head up, please some ALIEN WHO LOVES ROG CURE HIM AND….yep there…AND SLAP GRA,

my right eye hurts…u ok paxo?



Fool’s Mate in None.


Hard Truth, then Hilarious Prison Stories

Channelled by littleandromeda

The (partially rejuvinated) ‘Ipcress’ ‘Filez’ (Hard then Easy, Great, thx R 🙂

by Sir General E-Azzhad born Triplicate Sunz III , Jr.

1,024 descendents

Channelled by Roger Francis (why do I get nervous even channeling?)

FYI this is an order from Andromeda, to Print this. To Me.

On littleandromeda.com, link to twitter…even FB! Oh what damage.

I might get into shit here, but…oh, it’s Fiction, then, like how Earth Treats The Rest Of The Universe, ‘specially.

Andromeda Hates Graham Francis, 98.2 of The Universe Does, too. And Loves Rog, Rog Sooooooooo Ugly, Graham says, should be locked up for life…really, all the things rog thinks about g is true but the denials are believed, g’s doctor is his mum.

Obsessed with Roger, jealous, Gay.

Roger’s so-called ‘Brother’

He should know better, Aged 50 or is it 49 Becky?

Earning £250,000 per year At Least, but when Rog (me/us/him) criticised him for never helping him, Gra-ndma tried to turn him into a |Terrorist, angry to find that Rog, me/us, was already treated like a Terrorist by Powers, ask rog, man, he says he’s been getting tortured by Most intelligence agencies (the closest any earth org. is gonna get to the Most Intelligent now, mostly because of ? (whatever name you think of is probably true, or at least involved.) mostly ‘cos of Graham and his mates veering around London, calling each other ‘blasphemers’ and Rog…get this….ugly, rapist, Nonce, bastard, spoilt, terrorist, spod, virgin, tinydick, mummys boy, multiple-sex-offender-with-family and get this, they say he had sex with Gra, Rog paying, pleading with G to be near him.

That’s not all. Look up Graham Francis on Google. He is the one who works for the Civil Service, job casually called football, tv, internet and sex, all of which G has has ‘issues’ with. Sure.

Roger has many times claimed G has abused him.

Just publish it

on li’l? Ok?


Oh, by the way, like RHCP say, none of the things Graham says about R are true. I hope he reads this. In fact, they are more applicable to ‘Him’ 😦

Sorry, ‘cress, keep it light, Francis, thats the one.

Part One

“now…where shall I begin? With the one where Timmy goes off for lunch break but never returned? Or the one about Rog who never seems to know where he’s going? Or the time Timmy got lost in an elevator near Hebrides, Aberdeen, Scotland, and never really got back?

Two of these are false, but not the one about Rog! Or Timmy, the first one anyhoo. The second one is false, but Timmy did get lost once, on a plane! Or was that Japan? No. On with the story. The one where Timmy goes off for lunch and never came . For which I blame you, Rog! For Timmy’s freedom tho’ it hurts I know he’s free, thanks to rog and in no small part the congressman of Massachusetts I thank you.

Now here goes – once, when Timmy was small, about 8 foot 5, he became involved in an incident called the Ipcress Project. Shortly after, he became my best friend, and remains so.

Did I tell you the one about where Timmy got lost and swore his name was Clarence? For a whole year he swore it, even is writing it as his official name in bible class, which Timmy hated, once throwing the bible out of the window and onto a parked car.

Lets introduce myself, I am Ipcress, so known because of my infatuation with The Ipcress Files. I needed a moniker, like half of B Wing already had, and so the name stuck. Have I told you how many times I have watched the rare cinematic treat AKA The Ipcress Files? Over 300. More likely nearer 500. It gets better every time I watch it. I can do a passable impression of Michael Caine. Believe me, it’s more than passable. It had Timmy in hysterics a hundred times, literally a a hundred. Count them. One hundred. One. Hundred. Thousand Million people is how many these stories go out to, via Rog telepathy, and I hope you enjoy them.

For I have a hundred stories about Timmy Time, which I wrote in three earth seconds but Rog seems to have difficulty keeping up with

1 – Where Timmy vacated his room for another room and got confused

basically, Timmy moved cell and cellmate and called him Ipcress for nine months, annoying both me and him, and Timmy’s warder, named Stanley. Stanley was very fair to us I must say. A Negro. Except for this one time, when he kicked me and Timmy out of our cell, on to the street almost (we wish) in order to inspect the cell for narcotics. He didn’t find any, because Timmy had hidden them in the fridge (remember that, Timmy?)

Anyway, Timmy was confused because a – he didn’t pay attention to that type of things and b – he was brain damaged by narcolepsy…or was it his junk habit? Anyhow, things were sorted out by the middle of 1983.

2 – when Timmy got kicked out of his cell and got moved to another cell, for frequent drug use

basically, Timmy got kicked out because he was smoking hashish so much the jailers couldn’t see him when they entered the cell. He was smoking so much In fact that the jailers couldn’t ignore the fact that he was getting started to get a little paranoid of jailers constant ‘threats’ to move him out. Then they moved him out. This annoyed Timmy so much that he swore he would never smoke hashish, which he didn’t until the next day, when he smoked hashish in a bong. He claimed it never had tasted sweeter. Now the next day, the warder came in and found a bong in the muddle of the floor, which was confiscated with immediate prejudice. The bong became legendary as Timmy’s bong, because of the amount of resin in the mouthpiece.

3 – when Timmy got kicked in the chin for mouthing off to officials during NFL games on TV

basically, Timmy got narked for swearing it was a line call that wasn’t. And clearly wasn’t. In his opinion, there never was a line call to be had. And when Timmy swore, it wasn’t a timid “oh shit”, it was a full tirade that the Negro staff swore they hadn’t heard the likes of since at least the late 1940’s, maybe earlier. And the Negro staff swore they never liked him more than when he did that, in particular swearing that ‘old lady time’ , and he would put it, was a ‘whore dressed in a tracksuit which contained little more than her diseased and never-to-be-used-again ‘flange” , which Timmy of course used euphemistically for vagina.

4 – when Timmy nearly got kicked out of his dressing room at school, in Andromeda, in 1847 B.C. equivalent.

Basically, Timmy told this one so many times, I know it off by heart, almost. One of my seven hearts. So there. Did I tell you I will live for like 20,000 Earth years? Not on Earth. That’s what the master plan is. Anyway, Timmy nearly got kicked out of his dressing room in maths class, for being late in English and PE. Surprisingly English, yes, for it was and still Is a universal language, one that Timmy never quite mastered , but that’s one for another story. So Timmy , real name Ykzorrly Zewalken III (almost) , failed to attend yet another class, so got put on report. Age 9, equivalent to 1,400 earth years. Timmy found out and got so narked that he held up the PE teacher, with his bare hands, and put him on the top rung of the ladder, so he couldn’t escape. Then he tied his hands behind his back and made him squeal for mercy. Then he kicked him in the face and swore ‘that’s it, I’m never coming to this school ever again’. And he never did. In fact, he got sent to a special school where they trained fighter pilots, which is where we can say it all went wrong for ‘tidy’ Timmy Time, and his time on earth.

5 – when Timmy came down so hard he promised his Mother, on both his and her life that he would never touch heroin again (at least not dirty Earth heroin, as he said at the time)

Basically, Timmy did so much heroin that week in 1984 that the whole wing had to shut down its maternal supplies to pregnant aliens who were supposedly giving birth that week. His binge lasted from 1 A.M. on Friday until 2 P.M. the following Thursday. He didn’t sleep one second. I know, I checked. I was his cell mate (for 23 years) and I swore blind he’d never recover. He spent three whole WEEKS freaking out that he’d never see his mum again, as he was imprisoned falsely on Earth, and that he would NEVER take heroin again, on his own mothers life. The next week he injected heroin again, and his first words after shooting up were “Stand up mother, and be counted!”. I remember because he was sitting right next to me on the chair, shooting up heroin as casually as he ever had done before. The next day he wept tears of sympathy, perhaps of guilt as the last of his heroin was calmly poured down the sink, by me. I am proud of that , and I never got him heroin again, until the next day, when he asked me to score for him. I was his best friends, and what else are best friends for? Of course, he took it as an excuse to shoot up more heroin than ever before, in an heroic attempt to get as high as possible, which meant yet another week freaking out, this time with old Timmy thinking his poor mother was dead by now, which, looking back at it with rose tinted glasses, she probably was dead, Timmy, and it’s time you dealt with it properly. Get a councillor, as Rog wisely suggested, via his TV (sorry Timmy x from all of us in B Wing, get well soon)

6 – when Timmy did so much acid he thought his stomach was revolting against him

Basically, Timmy did A LOT of acid in the late 60’s, thinking it was perhaps way out of earth forever. It wasn’t. It was, however, his downfall and for several decades after, he got flashbacks that, I understand, affect Rog, perhaps via his telekinetic link to old tt. Now, when Timmy did acid, he was often so happy for several hours that he would literally cry with love, a ‘cry of love’ as he called it. Until he came down, and then it wasn’t real anymore, then he would cry with frustration at it not being real, until he came up again, normally on purple haze, then he would cry with laughter all night, sounding just like a lunatic from a mental ward somewhere, which of course he was.

When he thought his stomach was revolting against him he was not tripping out, he was sober and looking as his ‘fine’ stomach which was in fact very muscular, as strong as ten men he said, until someone tested him by punching him, hard, which made Timmy bend over double and swear he’d pay the motherfucker back. Which he did, in fact he killed him, in the shower. Bad blood. They had an argument way back which lasted centuries. To consider this, you need perhaps to be from Andromeda which we all are (on B Wing) apart from Rog (a Human-ish Telepath) who is Channelling my words may I say at a slow rate. But he’s the only one who can do it. When this shit is finished, I want it to go out public domain, but of course Rog wants to publish it, so I’ll never find it. My Pen Name? Sir E-Azzhad born Triplicate Sunz III , jr.

Now to finish it, then take a break. We have all summer, Rog. And just as well, the rate you’re typing! Lol! Get it? 🙂

anyway, Timmy did so much acid that summer of 1969 that he became violently ill, and sicked up so much acid, he retched for like 48 hours at least, and then was sick a little bit, into a medicinal bowl. The doctor examined it, and swore it was a bit like ‘a new alien life form’. It was immediately confiscated and examined by the Chief Medical Officer at Boston, Massachusetts, where it was pronounced deceased at birth, from Timmy’s stomach.

7 – where Timmy got so ill he swore he had cancer of the left breast

basically, Timmy got fear off a bad bong one afternoon and became convinced that he had cancer, despite apparently (he had it checked out) being immune from it. He got fear immediately after having the bong, but, after having it checked out, became convinced that he had cancer of the left breast that couldn’t be detected yet. His worst fears weren’t confirmed when the tests came back negative.

THE END (for now)

love, Ipcress

and Rog

8 – where Timmy became really boring about stuff

basically, timmy became reallly boring about stuff where Rog was concerned.He would, and I do not exaggerate, spend between one and three hours every day tslking about Rog, like what’s he doing, whats he thinking, hows he getting on in England, is he truly free, etc. And, in between that, spending at least six! Hours a day, at times, worrying about Rog, when he had a Bad Day, wondering what he could do to prevent it ,was he responsible, should he just abandon Rog, especiallly as Rog told him just to leave him alone on a Bad Day, to get as far away as possible etc. All this was really boring, until NOW when I finally am in the presence of Rog, finding him to be the Soundest Guy On The Planet (!) (thanx ‘Cress!) But all that was really boring, yeah

9- when timmy went to hell (with Rog)

basically, timmy went to hell with Rog he swore every day for a year. He blamed Rog at first, claiming he was responsible for the Hell he feels at the moment. Now, as I understand, Rog has a’Hell Mode’ instigated by the Culture, Tauran Torturers (tho \Rog generslly loves taurans), and whoever from the Government is givingh him Voices or whichever covert operation is, whether they are from Harrogate, Halifax, Malta, or Israel, Or in fact Crete, as Rog claims.

Timmy was tortuted by the FBI for years, he claimed, simulated drowning, presented as games, which timmy loved to play” (Game!) (“Play!”)

Part 2

When Timmy was four he went to academy school to be a sailor among the stars, my friend. That was where it all began to go wrong for him. You see, Timmy got high one day and went to school still high and Timmy failed at math. Badly. And then failed at science class – it was so funny as I remember timmy saying at the time. You see by the time it got to science class timmy was so high off alien acid equivalent that timmy passed out in the arms of his teacher, who passed him on to the nurse, who guessed he was tripping out – you see she was a very experienced nurse compared to the inept ones you have on earth – but I digress – of course if I may call rog francis a motherfucker one last time for stealing my best friends heart and eventually rescuing him all the way back to Andromeda – the nurse played mind games with timmy and found him very skilled and funny and recommended him to the board for immediate promotion, which he got , by the skin of his teeth as I believe earthlings say, after yet again coming to school high – should I digress again, master? Fro for who is the master of myself, Ipcress? Noone. Except of course Timmy Time, before rog stole his him which I still blame rog for – you stole my best friend on earth you see rog, and that is almost unforgivable. Now eh where is my best friend? In space I hope, or dead? I hope not/. I understand Rog who I am assured I can call my friend of which I am rightfully proud – talks to my home galaxy th ru his tves which I found doubtful until I experienced it, thru his eyes one sunday afternoon – remember that, rog? No of course you dont = and of course it will be ipcress tuesday or was it midnight til one and beyond every day or night, Rog? For I want it even if you dont and ive got nothing better to do at all = or is it another famous rog one off? You tell me, Rog. Nw Now. I dont know, ipcress, thats what he said, once again in a telepathic sense, as I worry about splitting the proceeds from this potential book straight down the middle, in the name of Timmy Time, its what timmy would want which rog assured me would always work, isnt that right rog? PS it was Iron Maiden and ive got to go to sleep now isnt that right, daddio? Peace. Rog. May we continue this tomorrow night or is it a one off in which case I may as well stay up………………………………………………………………………………………………….. five minutes later…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….cousin Rog? Ive just been to the galaxy of Andromeda for twelve years in the space of three seconds!!!!!!!!!!! And I have you to blame, geddit? And credit / thank. I would have stayed longer, possibly forever like our erstwile friend timmy time, were it not the case that Rog would possibly nay probably get in trouble with the FBI innit

*ipcress signs out


‘Freestyle Champion’ Original Lyrics by Roger Mark Francis

Yeah. After all this time lol. I found the original lyrics to Freestyle Champion. I wrote it while in Mental Hospital, the Brain Jail. Yeah, don’t do nothing bad or you’ll get sent to Head Prison. That is, if you’re Caucasian. I think if you are a Negro it’s normal and you get on with it. With Life. In all my days in hospital I’ve seen only two Negros. This dude in a wheelchair, I gave my lighter to him. The other one was in Basingstoke PICU, this dude…I accidentally broke his Guitar. Sorry dude!Freestyle Champion Original Lyrics by Roger Francis

“Could you make ya’ neurotransmintters hurry up and click?

to reach the decision I already decided on

it’s not about the money, cars, bitches

I don’t need em son I ain’t even got none

but I got certificates to prove i’m not mad

whether this is getting iller

while you’re trying to prove you have the equivalent of Schizophrenia on the Mic

all you prove is that

its not about the love either

I don’t need a crowd an audience to witness

‘just as well’ I hear you say

and I am just as well

26thSeptember you rely on it

just as well as fair in my near infinite wisdom

i’ll say I forgive you man, I probably won’t

to clear it up i’m the one you pray to when you ask for forgiveness

can you forgive this?

In his near-Herculean displays of semi or more than fairness

Minor Deity Shit

I forgive God and get sent for my sins to heaven

not joking where i’m from is like a Hendrix cover

South Saturn Delta, actually i’m from the East, then,

not purple haze more like bluey-green

I see my home planet in dreams

modern concepts that in a competition you’d be willing to wait a couple of minutes for me to remember

your Utopia more like Conetticut

if I give you fifty percent shares in our conversation I lose several billion

why you complainin’?

Aliens hit me off with things you cannot fathom

they write the whole album and tell me to write one

about Neil Armstrong…

he was getting tortured by The Moon

if he was European he would barely have made fuckin’ U.S. News

possessed the spirit of a tiger in Germany

offed one you blame a feline hungry and in captivity

came round to mine for a few hours we watched ESPN

put his legacy on the Presidents team and to my surprise they won

yeah I know but there’s a semi Siberian Cat-Being missing his Son

word gets back to his home planet that’s the case, son

as I dress in leather and get done for self effacement

skin of a cow legacy an chased Jesus off the Cat’ Ground

He didn’t bring any Cider to the Cipher and he got partially eaten by a Mechanical Spider

Spinning Multidimensional Webs attracting ya Time Flies, boy

it don’t when you’re in near solitary for thousands of Centuries

guarded by thousands of sentries

get Sky and get threatened during Prime Time

don’t get at me man, I know this shit don’t rhyme

just ‘cos someone gets robbed by a horse after Half-time equine alcoholic only wanted cheese and wine

Military Personnel getting anxious about Caffeine Levels sayin stuff about dying

Fuck It, i’m callin’ it Freestyle Shit, pop ur shit at a similar level same time without dryin’

battle shit spent I wonder where my anger went

Maybe i’m In Love or something…

I need to be around Women if only for the Discharge and ‘heaven scent’ Yeast Infections

Cobain dies at Twenty-Seven and asks me ‘What’s the difference?’

my voices are telling me to write about chemical influence

the voices are saying i’m so ill my voices tell me I don’t get voices

choices and vices

chances you end up handcuffed to handcuffs handcuffed to something obvious are obvious

just like you I had my chances

the Presidents Wife thinks Sick Spirits come to Earth to be Born, on a side note

traditional truant with a persistent sick note

as I lie in bed til whenever fuckin’ I want

I wonder where it, (the instinct) went

as always I blame the Institution to a certain extent

Life’s an Institution as much as the works of Heidegger or Kant

spirits dig Earth but when they Die they can’t leave it

until I absorb significant amounts of negativity

someone lucky gets the other side of it, I think she’s called Nelly Furtado, Man (!)

positive thoughts get to escape and rejoin the rest of the galaxy

tough time for Homeboy, but the stars are different, ask Brian May

depressives are healers for their soul twin

i’m going negatively off point but I can’t emotionally reciprocate, then again

the Human Voice is so Foreign it causes pain

we’re all Aliens to Aliens but Earth’s not shared, not theirs, its ours

that’s what we think about the Internal Intricacies of the nearest Coloniseable Cluster, Anyhow

So Peace to Tau Ceti, Thank God, Yo, I’m Out.”

Written by Roger Mark Francis, 2012

Performed by Horsebox as ‘Freestyle Champion’, available on Horsebox, ‘Iller Than Illness Plus

Gold n’ n’Brown

Golden brown

Golden brown

Never alone

No harm done

My only one 

Never alone

Always alone

Golden Crown

What have I done

Texture Andromedan

I found

And there it goes

Goes til it’s gone

Modest sensation of dreaming

Sounds Remotely sounds like screaming

My lover is a cacodaemon

Draining my soul

And remnants of past 

All done

All olone

But one too many

Get the job done

Two is company, three is a crowd

One is one too many

Oh, for you, too

Must be difficult for you

I beg the Gods to Turn Me Off

I’d like to not exist,

It’s my right to want to check out

If not then whose

Nazis would prefer Jews to live, too

Existing only to feel pain

An experiment 

Yeah in my heroic majesty 

I feel weird when Angel Of Death is on

Golden rule transgression 

All alone

Always alone

She’s sayin she’s around

Always around

At All

Never going to be alone again

Does this mean what it seems times ten

Pathogen on my pillow

Angel demon be at my side 

Not even traditional evil

Or when it blatantly is evil

They’re Acting…. Believe that shit?

Say it’s a performance 

Stop pretending, perforate you

Always a god, never

Never alone

Got Five minutes?

Almost a Deity

But reliant on Bone

Come jump on mine 8)

Never a God

Always alone

See his photos?

Performance doing well don’t we all

Ain’t Nobody around

With no Golden Brown

I can’t stop crying

Boy, when u dance to Boys Don’t Cry, boy

Suggest what I should clown to

We’re golden brown

Never coming down

Never alone with golden brown

By myself but not alone

Turn it down like tone

You know I can’t, son

Gained a reason to live I didn’t want

I wasn’t looking for one

For the horse you’ve got much fonder

Than for me, and I wonder

If that’s a fair contest li ponder

Not stoned but still owned

My physical co-owned

A marigold amber colour system

We’re never never alone

Never afraid

Wearing a dressing gown

You can’t bring me down

Now I’m in a cell

Never apart 

Never part us

No need to ask that which is known

Cried 41 times, I didn’t know

Didn’t know it was my Dads best song

Until a retroghost told me

He was my dads best friend

That is

Until someone had to go down 

For the Fenchurch tickle 

Put on The Hammer by Motörhead then

You are your fathers son now

Golden brown he heard

Why can’t i…

Develop a frown

Dig the groove

I feel him cry with me

Timmy why don’t u do something about it 

My man

Always solo

Shoot golden brown

On our own

Shut em down

Shut em shut em down

Shut em down

Cant touch my golden brown

Is Known around cos threshold blown

Someone’s messing with my trout

Fish hating motherfucker

U could never Atone

U could attempt though

Thought, though…

What we are reduced to

Four years into a milllisecond 

Here’s a thought-

Why don’t you





Never alone

Never again

Always around

Silence is golden


Then again

That plucky battery hen

Sometimes u need a Hey!

Notice me!

I’m not invisible!

Do I smell ?

Aren’t I good enough or not good enough

Well at least one and probably the other

He likes silence?

There’s a lot of it in isolation 

When you’re talking to yourself

And you’re all alone

And thieving guns lyrics by Axl Rose

They say I passed the test 

They say I am the son of God

I’ll make sure to tell my Doctor

Cos he’s never heard that from ever

Vai comes like lava from a volcano

Lies come likes Roger 

A stranger looking at my name 

It’s wild outside, a white boy wilderness

Why would I strive to go outside

Outside is for the privelidged

It’s acid rain and oxygen deprivation 

Lazer scars number 18 and Rog mutilation

Manipulation of brain systems

His memory shows he’s retarded too

Where did that come from, 

Where did he come from


What my beautiful world is like

Well…when I typed what my, in the title it appeared, several alternatives… my shit life… but that’s someone’s book is called, an autobio. My poor life, my… yeah, sure.

I look at what my world is, how it compares to the universe, I wonder why liars need to blame me for their crimes, well yeah they would , man don’t wanna get in trouble when it’s truth time, like their chief coemotion is lust, it’s lies, man, they blame the innocent eg me until I’m screaming Evil Begone in my pod and then they go. I mean evidently. My enemy says he’s me when applicable, when… I don’t see why people and stupid computers allow it. He does something wrong or illegal and he claims that I did it. Well they would? Yyyyyyeah but If u know that u know an innocent 😇 dweller of a Blue-Green Planet is being lied about, not schoolyard bragging but rape and murder etc, t………………………………………………..:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: some of the events I am sadly witness to are so extreme they must only be theoretically possible, all the worst things in the world 🌍, horrifyingly… Billy Braggs Valentines Day Is Over or Compamy Flow Last Good Sleep then whatever it is find exciting new ways to hurt you in detail and composition, anonymous haters and wrongdoing typical Heathen Scum. Treat humans like animals human zoo type thing… I’m getting tired, I’m off to get raped by something that lives on my pain and resistance. If it… oh……

Here be Lyrics And Dragon


I get up in that ass like an Aspesdos Inspecter, like a misfiring bidet which has declared sentience

You want to talk about Life, cos people do, yo kid professer papa old school claiming then denying, yo and claiming sets like mad like Ivan Lendl what u want charm? Remember when he was teaching Any Murray and he would win

Talkin Life, you advised to Learn off a Lifer

And that’s Game. No, not that Rapper, not the…whole…. Yeah uhhhh did people realise they come to me when they dream? Talk to you maybe but not possible, The BFG when a man could be Big and Friendly ain’t no gun

Yeah Hot Dogs not guns, aliens phase where they expect Humies to sell them things. Please look again at that, check your own reaction. Or swear at me, yeah. Uhhh isn’t that capitalism? Man it’s like u never played Galactic Civilisaton one or two, where you can find typical anyway. NS bored already. Why teach them when they are weak and will all but betray us We Think? Yo alien let’s check your Terra Signal. Yo Canibus this is… yo recent signal is like 1960 tech equivalent, in the name of censorship I’d imagine, some motherfucker don’t like stars, well I do, so do my multitude of intergalactic allies, didn’t put friends they just being careful cos I got burned a couple times yo I got a buzz asking for the….Jimi Hendrix, Burning of the midnight lamp fyi. For real. Yo shit is delicate, man I’m surprised that some magnificent alien race, just cool, getting by , treading water, why do you not show support for Jimi? I’ll tell u, any Hendrix fan a secret, or not, man it’s cool but we say Hippies lost. Man sure we can talk…. We cannot talk conventially lol perhaps my friends to be are able to communicate via the natural language of Time. Yeah true it’s Star Trek season ending and beginning, called…to new endings and old allies….or not, so u like *****¥<~><<

(We require stars to communicate) fair play

U stars! I remember no I’m not messing around….well I do rem….yo Bis or not, give them access to Ostravious to blag a safe forever…..aaaaaaand….how long 3 min

The rub? U be published, star folks and it’s sooo gooood only …yeah the *. Loads of….oh you got a copy? Get the file? Oh I hope so.

Yo look what occur when Canibus gets on a fair one. Yo c u not the stronger wisest bro, man, you peKing out at… Yh yo was like the dude who wrote Buckingham Palace, Canibus, was all Aliens Don’t Exist….for real, yeah check my input master type of exchange, ain’t no masta, really ain’t no slavery? Yyyyeeaahh

Keyword Burn

For mettle’s perhaps Metallica – Moth Into Flame, you’ll see!

Shit is safe

How u access Lesotho? Dunno

How you get High wit no seed?

I don’t, we’ll I don’t uhhhhh my alien buddies use difficult shit, tbh I’m not sure, they like he destroys shit if he’s high, a berserk rampager with Chaos Free Roll, a. Noble warrior, NS like u gotta see the rumours about his/hers Saving Throw, when he rolled,more 20s than Lionel Messi Mental characteristics on Football Manager, back in 97/98 could sign him at 18 for nearly ten million, sweet.

Buuuuttt why do we need a saving throw? When we gonna die. One thing you need is to have the ear of your Deity oh not necessarily fair play….hi, gamer, what is a Saving Throw? We’ll yeah. But u not gonna find out without Dice, Dice and a Welcome To Earth Package of Warhammer

And that’s just the start. RPG-me-do

Oh U bagged an inestimable value Horsebox.

Or not, C applies pressure but….he should get back to…??? What so Roger, Me, can’t write Horsebox, also me?

Maaaaan I’m gonna end this Tearing-up-the-cosmos-deity-eternal-emporer-infinite-revelation-ish-the-word-of…..well me, why do I need to undermine my value, my worth, my lyrics, my life?

What are you eating for tea? 77% aliens have tea regularly, yeah here it’s tea and toast at 9 40 pm, up…

Why…man, you done breathe new life into the Universe. The Steven Hawking interaction is worth a slap immediately that was not set up, u want the truth? Oscars? Canibus as Germaine Williams called Nevis a fat little funster who’s only positive behaviour is for Roger, Me. Loads of people heard it. Aliens just lool at my older shit to find stuff, as a cipher perennially curtailed, yo why is Canibus …. I could be wrong but….yo what is Nevis doing with Canibus even in my head, yeah I wonder 💭 how…I wonder what my anathema is doing given full and absolute control of her,since…forever yeah . Hey im saying what’s in my head, real people care, as for what he called me, a ….why would I g….as I said, this …yo it hurts as every fan of Nelly know or not look what happens to my cipher, spent Sunday…playing footy man, writing drawing etc

This is for free lol I just resubscribed

helenisotherpeople lol

Hopefully I don’t get in shit, it’s just lyrics, words, I never fucked anyone over. Peace to Westwood.

…aaaaaaaand my moneys not as good as yours

its official

So…Apple wont let me renew Music on my Visa, no, Rog, they dont want your custom, Apple Fucking Music doesnt want funds from a hippy, you cant force them to accept £9.99 per month, must be a real…burden, Apple wont…anyway, im not lining their pockets, im wondering though how they became a 2 trillion $ force, when they cant get it together to receive payment….let me pay you…no…its only ten quid…that doesn’t matter…its the principle 8)

Mooooooooooving on to icloud, its shit and im being denied access, now it wont let me upgrade storage….do they….nah…DO THEY. Its not logical………make a few files, so they put clouds up? fd if i know, but all of my freestyles have stupid clouds next to them, so….so i cant even use them domestically…so the cloud is a way of antagonising me, file theiving….man i might go back to Windows 8(….somerthing i pay for which seems to be preventing me listening to my files

Aaaaaaaand on to YouTube….all im saying is…its about Views. Cos it’s OK, either im deluded on some delusions of grandeur thing, or YT hate me and dont let me increase views. I am Paranoid, Thank You. like i havent thought….i mean if YouT are singeling me out, i mean….yes i accept the number of views on…my buddies are saying that i’ve got mad and mean

Yeah like you’ve seen a good man turn bad

If i didnt have bad luck, you know i wouldn’t have no luck at all

Someones fucking with me, man, in all probability many are.

Uhhhh…..schizophrenia is a shared experience? schizos are from the future?

this is a tough gig, maaaaaaan

It’s like theres something, and ppl preventing me from being sucesssful, someone…they maybe work for Intelligence, after some Int was discovered in Canada, after all that time….

im sooooooooooooo tired please dsont wake me up im only sleeping

Sleep On, brother

Play On, brother

How to make TV better 4 Free

Hook up the speakers, man, mic up the tv speakers and put it into an amp or equivalent. Sound cubes etc, so the amp is playing what usually comes out your box. Except that now u got effects, get it just right, feed the shure or akg into the Marshall etc… and suddenly you’ll be watching the sport news with chorus and delays, phasers and flange, harmonies…no reverb though naturally. Soon I hope you will get a little love, maybe a smile when you hear This Is Trevor McDonald, and this is the news at Ten and it sounds like Pink Floyd! Peace


Soooo…. Officially I listened to Deicide and had a nightmare. Nightmare to play too, in a technical sense. Man… like brexit….. nobody…yeah then Covid..symbolic of how shit we are that we are forced to wear masks…all there is on the front pages is how A Prince has sexual relations … I mean maybe he just fancied a bit. Be as outraged as you want, inferior, and ignore the notion that we are sliding into war. England. At War. Fuck, look at the ….state of it. And we’re giving Billy big bollocks, officially sending ground troops to the region. Yeah typical, send the …fucking…. Entire army if we have one, and either of our outdated ships…and then get invaded by Scotland on the sly. Can anyone guess why 666 SAS have already done their job…they probably see it as duty because it is or was. 333 male, 333 women, mission liberation of freedom. Liberation of freedom of liberation of freedom.

And then…uh the environment? In 23 years Ipswich will be predominantly under water. Unlucky for Ipswich, as Norwich laugh. Sometimes I wish I was still there. Heaven? Huh. What was the name of that club? Yeah Fat Pauly’s. Legend. The Bank, NR1. Miss it. And her. The way The Galaxy misses terra , not Earth.

To quote Rakim, what was once easy became confused and hard. We started dying and sinning. Maybe now what was once hard is now simply impossible for all but…. Things don’t have to die? I know it’s so weird. Why is there death? Outside of Earth it seems absurd, but that’s probably…. Like galaxies don’t have Endgame. You know who you are. Ever consider a galaxy turning up at a near neighbour looking rough as a badgers, stammering, getting it together to ask for a cup of sugar, before a Breakdown?

In other news, I hear Beck is confident about cutting an album in a couple of months. Easy for him, word is it’s writing itself like in Robot Wars, like it’s got a SRIMEC.

Peace to bigandromeda

‘Go’ , ‘Ruff’ , ‘Hey’ ‘ Recognise’ , ‘Creation’ and/or ‘Uh!’ , ‘rrraaaahhh’ , ‘wwwaahh’ or ‘Yeah’ – TOP TRUMP FEST

Or like in Paper Scissors Stone, this game can be fun. As a mettler I appreciate a well placed Go! And enjoy playing Games with it with my friends. I mean cos I’m into metal…there’s more Go’sl. Example of a Go!? After the Solo of Struggle Within by Metallica. A well placed go that can only enhance. Yet it is not the only one in Metallica. A litany.

But there’s more to it, it’s all… timing, enthusiasm, power, it’s almost a release, a relief. Sometimes the best Go’s seem on the edge of desperation, a strangled cry of Go assuring the earnestness of the singer,, maybe in the background…Rise by Pantera has a Go near the beginning, but for impact listen to Dead By Dawn by Deicide, although it’s technically a ‘Uh’, but…yeah.

But you need quality before and or after a Go!, man, if you don’t like heavy metal you .. I don’t mean to be divisive or to marginalise, because I was marginalised as a deity, I turned into a semi dead Deity and a brautiful sun gave its life for me, exactly how I/we give our life to others. But a sun is dead 💀 an actual star ⭐️