…but it wasn’t a problem because the AKAI can be powered thru USB and so my iPro. How long until I-mail? yeah. Who owns this? What is ownership? Man. Politics…Religion….sure I can talk about it. Kipper…kipper….kipper! Anyway AKAI is, on Amazon, a century. Speakers suck but its cheap. Volume…can u get…or I mean, really, me? Can I get paid? Im poorer than Harry Potter inventor JK Rowling ever was. Or, in fact, just as poor and I don’t knowingly have a child at least no to support. If I do it’s my right to know and I should be legally informed. Anyway.

No I don’t get anything for this.

Author: Roger Francis AKA rog@littleandromeda.com Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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