You Are Consumed With Passion

Roger Francis
31 Mar 2021, 03:56 (1 day ago)
to me

If u were male and me female then it would be rape. But then what is rape. Or really anything else, but… something specially only male humans get in trouble for? Suspicious at best. In nature or whTever its an issue like in a pRk . In the community, the magical mystical thing, a future utopia if somehow I can be worthy of experiencing the joy of living in amongst flawed, greedy, semi-rodent and significantly porcine meatbags called puny humanings 

In mental Hospital where I am…oh, the olanzapine is hidden, secreted in the…oh, the thorazine too? That’s American though. Weird how when people talk about America, they really assume it’s North America, they mean North America, yeah, well, it’s true, it’s not even really implied, anyway, medicine… u think of medicine, administered in hospital, by doctors, is something that will be…uh…beneficial. Yeah I know, there’s differences between physical hospital and mental infirmaries, plus I believe there’s an anecdote about … anecdotes are annoying, wind up merchants like Patterson et al would almost religiously employ the technique to…annoy…or….wind…me…uuuuuuhhh……up? Yh.’s different if you have been in mental institutions. Right, the word right don’t sound , uh, right. Like I previously noted, its…oh definitions sure, but it’s right or wrong, right or left, right like an affirming pretext, like ‘right!’ If Stalin criticises my ceramic pig 🐖 collection one more time…right like u obey the rules…that is right…that is not right…right like legitimacy, like u got the right to do something or is it just the power, or might is right, the right to do whatever you want really but to me always sounds like someone’s going to get invaded- doing something because u r able to is uncharitable. Right I’ve had enough…Right sounds like rite too, like in rite of passage will they won’t they tense courtroom drama featuring hom-zom-rom-com by-your-leave / much-obliged-I’m-sure or even a casual hows-your-father in the nick where u have potentially been fitted up for the Heathrow terminal B Tickle. Makes me think of a blag…on the BBC B32k there’s this game called Blagger, you get to blag a mainframe and everything. But not do the time if u get caught I guess. In GTA et al nobody does any serious time either…I know, why would anyone play a game where u get put in prison but, in a consequential and almost entirely coincidental allegory, that’s crime anyway…my God…have people no standards? Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime…you mean Capitalism? Having to pay for Food? Clothes? Yes, right is political too, that is not an allegorical device At All. Socialism asleft, conservatism as right, man, why does…it sounds biased, like far right, yeah far out, man, whats happening later, really out of sight, and of course far right and far left and typical extremist cone-texts or is is contexts…apparently it forms a ⭕️ circle and they bleed into one another…seems like an inevitable clash, leading this malnourished witness to wonder why we can’t be neutral to some extent and relax. Who defines what neutral is, though? Maybe The Neutrals, like from Futurama, funny cos that was once considered extreme too, now…extreme? Edgy anyway but is now mainstream. It all came from StarTrek, where we see The Neutral Zone…Space… the Final Frontier…even the Captains first words could well inspire fear in his previous namesake like Roger, Kif etc. A Frontier in the hands of an American sounds like a scenario where the Indian-equivalent gets if-you-will patronised, subdued and then snuffed. 
Prime directive or is it Patterson againc

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Dimebag from Sierra Leone

Rhyming from Sierra Leone

Crying when I heard the ring tone

We are on our own

Waiting for Sierra Leone to phone 

Bones claiming King now it’s on

I’m that already

Let it be known

The bed is the throne

So cum put the helmet on,

Shit is titanium brilliant

Get a trillion quids

Bribe a trillion squids

We’re better at this

US rappers using English Language?

There’s little subtlety and less self effacement

Li’l Uzi, whoever makes your beats is bent

What do u call it, new rap?

Well it is new but it ain’t that

Intelligent Rap

We can do that

The source of this ain’t on no coast 

Though it is South Central

To the County

To the what?

Just like States

Why not debate the disunited state of America

With beautiful Marika 

This form of rhyming is called Street

Intellectual Street Hop ish

With your host Kool Larry Fly

We’re high but we didn’t get high

Higher dimensions, the source is nearby

Shit is funny of course,

Like Bond Bond saying his name in an airport

There ain’t no lines of powder to snort

Snout Barclay Chesterton the Lyrical

Wilberforce Tulip the Pimp

An Amputated foot, so I limp with a limp when I limp, kid


The most iried up motherfucker of all, Keith

The best who ever did it, to relief

I’m cool like a keish 

Real men don’t eat it

Know what I’m sayin’

Prayers are work in’

Not relying on blind faith

Maybe ask David Blunkett

An honourary MP be me

Me invent me own party, see


Sexy sexy sexy

We need money, money, money

Capitalism is a butty, butty, butty 🥪 

And I’m ready, ready, ready

Commander on a Commodore sixty four

Well sixty four kings to play

If u want to parlay, partner.

U wanna battle then choose sixty four queens, my Queen

True Majesty, you are truly Majestic

Invented new chess but there’s nobody to build it

Better order 128 chess sets 😻

Safe, with the lyrical

Make you feel safe?

Well, making love to a beautiful woman is like blagging one 

Sensitive, use your fingers, caress, but keep a shotgun

If the filth come

Rasta men don’t love no lawman

Blast ‘em with a weapon

Gauss Gun Somalian Pain Distribution

Shit is Jamaican in origin.

An Emperor belittling your Private

I Wrote This Tomorrow.

Passé in the future

Eddie furlongheard of me? Well I must have made it, and I’m not being patronising like I am when I’m talking to jk Rowling and keeep trying to help but only hinder? Stymie? Get shanghighed? I was never after your money. I have never tried to fuck you over.

Anyway, here’s glen Benton to say grace. Actually he could sell. His visions of hell to jk Rowling and she puts it in a sanctuary for the future, age restricted to 30!!!! In shocker.

I mean…if cross goes platinum….Deicide with Harry Potter shit? Mega plat. What’s after platinum? Chain. Plate. Mithril. Adamantium. Obsidian. Selling a billion? I did. Where? Not on Earth. Why would I? On this planet people don’t know I exist. That’s the problem here! Hey! I exist! Hey! And if it’s hey! I’m hungry then u need a momma. If it’s hey! U want a beer? Then u like them maybe. Whatever. Can I drink your bloood? Brains? Ok.

Glen hates Harry. He hates Jesus. Jk? Puzzled. Hell exists. I went there once. My problem? It was shortly after an exorcism had been performed on me and my haunted flat. By a stupid massively obese female Methodist minister. I had been tortured by spirits and I ended up in hell. Stupid bitch. Is she still doing it? Holy water? They used Evian. Oh yeah. I may have been putin Hell for setting the congregation on fire. In my head. Not reality. In my twisted imagination. I see my church, sometimes I use it. Sometimes…I don’t want to talk about Jesus or Satan, it’s not my bible. I don’t pray to anyone. Don’t call me blasphemous either. I’ll go to hell? I have written extensively, about both Jesus and Satan, hell, Christ I was possessed by both, and more. The fat preacher dismissed it as rubbish. My literal word of hell. Student shit. Well why call it blasphemous? You treat me like Muslims …it’s like they say Christians treat Mohammed! If u understand.if u want an advantage over Muslims why not be tolerant of….whatever. Me. For example. Why not welcome my experiences, type shit because you’re busy oh ok.

My point is a Christian put me in Hell. Maybe it was Jesus. I doubt it. Maybe Jesus got me out of hell. More likely. Deicide? An advert for Satan. Mickey Mouse of evil? Who? Voldemort?

Pump that shit, Time Terminator copyright me.

Jesus hates magic btw. Prob turns Paul Daniels off. Have you seen my wife? Fuck sake.fucking magicians. Ok Jesu who else? I’m not buying u wine, addict. YouRe weak. You show weaknesss immediately and annoy me. I’ve got beer, good ale, not lager. Fucking go for it, and I’ll treat u like I treat other beings, like guests in my home. Sometimes it goes well sometimes not. Oh, the stars. Yeah the pressures off, got Deicide on, cleared 5 friends headaches. Then Jesus wants to talk. Like I have earned it. A promotion? Of hell? Fuck that sounds so good. If Deicide sucked…what if Deicide were cock? Hair? Even false metal? What then, frail Jesu? Oh look, a bacon sandwich seller. They are plentiful and obviously amuse Rog, our host. We are Rog? Hmm I’m not that far gone, though establishing a hive mind holds some advantages, as Sma no doubt would say, if she hadn’t clumsily forgotten about the hive forming, and wasn’t too busy in paradise. She fucking hates coming to earth. Talking to me. She hates me. She used to like me,long ago.we were equal power for a few weeks then months, then she caught a break and took …advantages are taken not handed out. She took hers. And then some. Shes high. Smokes…hydro. Keeps her oar in..ill tell more in time. Ok!

Can I get paid for this?

Harry got inverted, says hermoine 

Harry got opposites, says ginger.

Ginger grunts and smiles, with something approaching satisfaction, thought whoever. The master…

It’s so obvious, they ‘’’think’’’

So we can use opposite words? From the original books?

Listen, man. It that blaxploitation? Cos if it is…true, there r few negro wizards. Do they get cast as Warlocks?

Man, if u want more Harry Potter…get Role Playing….Larps…fighting fantasy!! The warlock of fire top mountain! Citadel of chaos! In an act of patronage. Or don’t. Feel free to invert the words within Harry Potter books, or turn them into whatever you wish. I don’t care. My name is Ostravious, I got a couple of books out, you may like them. Anyway…inverted. Opposites. Latin speakers have an advantage here, with opposites. That’s why they go mad and need to be put in abandoned castles, the women. Because of…can I sell some blood? I’ll give u a beer with a clever name if u have sex with a pig.

Do u think ppl are getting at me with names on my ales? Examples? Hmm… hell town. Deep fake. Two examples. They’re relevant to me. U want to talk why? Ok but I can’t pay. In the Uk they…..I’m schizophrenic, and that’s it. If you want you can join me Tuesday for psychology, where, because my fucking mother is involved now, we will be looking at basic conversational skills, and probably basic cooking, with an eye towards hygiene. Did I guess right? You should give me the benefit of the doubt. Why should you give the edge to a charismatic man? This means you insanely believe him. You trust him? You believe him. Well, you are listening to him…isn’t he Handsome, this aryan being who gets by on a sturdy chin.

Can’t wait to lightning him. Do u play cricket, Arian? Because in Bangladesh….me? What was? Act of….don’t say it…

Well to wrap it all up, I was the only bloke in nick that bet on an act of God! Which was nice.

Harry? What’s the opposite of super


Thanks. Five for now, five for later. Lemme tenner. Man!?

Ok. For that. Wait. Can you sell me some acid? Because ro…Ostravious is really…the truth? OST asks who decides the truth. What is truth? Define truth! You can’t? Well nor can I! In LA that’s worth a drink? No? In Hollywood I’d get blown.

And in Compton you’d get blown away.

Harry died

Harry you are dead.

Then what is happened is this

Everything he ever experienced in any way is opposited says ginge, inverted says hermoine. And he is presented with it. Hmm not enough. It’s my fucking life. Yes Harry. It was. Before you died. Deaths not…it feels like relief.

What a relief! Says hmmm worried about him. Pay me and I’ll write etc hmmm

Anyway Harry, says Death, this is who you are. Sort of. Here it is. There. 

Like…normal. Not that surprised, or impressed. 

Yeah. Well you wouldn’t be that surprised. Harry, when I say sort of….there’s loads of…well, when you asked that mannequin for acid after he bummed ten off u…

Mannequin? Oh. Yeah, I didn’t think he was going to pay me back either. But I thought that because I’m buying acid off him, that heS going to be…

Fair? Cos he sells acid? A hippy? Oh how wrong you Are and yet…back in the 60’s, …

What is? Your IQ? Alright, Harry? You know you should take acid with people you love and trust and I thought…where am I? That’s what I thought. 

Yeah I thought I was going to think about thinking about think about thinking again. About. Yeah whatever. Sex? Oh how little you know. And you never really grew up. Harry. 

Well at least I’m not dead, like you and ginger. Oh, look I am. I’m fucking dead. And so are you. I’m not.

That’s a lot of acid, Potter. And, like happens fairly often, you’ll find it’s relative. Death. Life. Isn’t it all really. Really….yeah. Oh you’re right they’re dead and you’re wrong they’re not dead 💀 but you are.

Hang on my familiar is dreaming.

My own enemy attacks me. Calling me pathetic and weak. How dare I attack him. I’ll call mummy he says. How dare you ask her for food.

Assumption of Guilt vs Delusions of Grandeur… 8)

Assumption of Guilt vs Delusions of Grandeur?

Opposites? Somewhere, yeah

My home? Somewhere, yeah


It’s called nothing

It’s not clever

Well it is

But isn’t meant to be funny



Like calling your dog

For example

For example

For example

For ex,…..and so on

What up ra

What up pa

Got u there

Releasing anything? No?

Then I’ll never know where u been since the master

The game? Whatever. I came in with Horsebox, I released iller than illness

It’s embarrassing?


Somethings wrong u say…

Like been fucked up

In o poetic way


Well I wrote that bit

For example

And after the last one

Between the start of the sentence and the end

Where my mind created something

To fuck yo shitt up, pa

That’s Allah

And the intention? Well read it



Why was I thinking of u



Oh yeah

She’s been fucking my pa

In her head


Something seeded by my impression of my pa

I recognise

She thought it was me

Recog antelope house, so ton picu 

Am I in shit? Look at my first thought after the new leaf

Talking about leaf…

I neeed a new doctor

Cos mine thinks he’s the godfather


He won’t give me free weed

He lies

Says it’s not here



Not concillierge then


At all


I wonder if she planned


It was my idea as if it mattered to ya

I don’t own her

But she’s no rainbow

But she’s close to it

No rain in a rainbow

No bow either

Like forget me



Stop playing u off ok

Stop putting me off

What u want me after hearing Goodbye?


Oh ok


What is this assumption

Fucking….fucking…like….like your fucking fbi or CIA

Trying to put everything in a relationship

Well everything in the universe has a relationship with everything else


Yo fat momma


Oh tennis is on

I know the problem

I want to go but you won’t let me

Then I want you but I can’t have you

How ironic?

That’s not the real problem

I mean we’re going to die

On Earth

I mean you might

Or me

I don’t know

I woke up during a seance

My funeral

Funereal vibe

Like 27

Getting old?

Oh, you too?

Like 42

Like,  endear 50

Near 50

Now Rakim

Would turn this into mad alphanumerical with the pharmaceutical, competition pitiful, thr potential pitfall sadly minimal, negro I’ll turn this lyrical like powerfully trying to impress puffy, attempting to impress an impression of myself into him, then he comes and rushes me with his hype man…man. 

Are you Horsebox?


Then u got nothing I want

That’s how it went.

Is that all?

Did he mention big?



Then something strange happened

And he bought my pa

A hearse

Did he abuse me?


Well your still here

Did Keith abuse me?

Because I think someone did

Fucking weirdo

Or I’m wrong



That’s what it’s called


And what I’m a victim of

They say I’m guilty of

Like Kurdt was saying

Slack died with you

Can I write to you?

Well try and stop me

Suicide? Well I tried plenty times

So I’ll be the ideas man

U be the straight man

Jeez get it together

I haven’t seen someone take so long to hook up a cup of tea



As in what

I sense you


Asking me if I’m trying to get lyrical

Well bitch do u own words?

Cos u act it, or your boss does 

And you’re thinking copyright, and that copies, right

Well I copy, right, and copy copies right out of my head, then gets an intercept like that mad motherfucker from 49erz, whoever…I can only guess. But u can only intercept if I release…that’s nice, you’re good,it’s an honour, huh u treat me like the hero from The MRtian film at the end. It’s an honour, Sir. You’ll go a long way saying that type of shit. Matter of fact kid, I need someone to…artefact it? Is artifice necessarily artificial? Fuckin krs I reside like artifacts . Type shit. Anyway kid, I need someone to type my shit up.



Ok then!

Hmmm but that’s long term

Short term

I need milk

Or not

I got what I need

But I don’t know what I need

All I can do is what makes me feel better

Cos I got nobody else todo that

Short term


What do I need

Well what do I need for what

What am I attempting to accomplish


Like my voices say?


I just published, the books out


Reminds me of someone I never met 

But represents…I like pac too!

Fake? Whatever. If you want to bring it lyrical, well

For example, well you could look at the original Freestyle Champion

The 15 minuter the lyrics are in to blag avSafe forever

By Ostravious

Whoever the fuck that is 

I’m sure u got lyrics too

I’m sure this is like a breakthrough for you, too

Whoever that is I wish they were by big bro at school

Whatever, I’m proud of you too

As I…accelerate, purify, condense, enhance, a hundred bars is just an entrance, put you in a trance like you like mar mite well your ma might be a deuce, your ma might be yo fuckin momma well she might be mine dude I wish she was cos after she came out after the smoke was all sweet smells. Iridescence. Can someone help? Think a lost soul wants help, some mad sociologist. For real.

And I get help. Yes, I’m high, but it’s a maintainable high.while you write about….well whatever, son, what up? Nas like whatever, don’t go to Dublin or London ……whatever! Still like Nas a person or lyricist? Like…as a spirit. Anyway, I’m writing about achievable heaven and you…you writing about a million dollars. What’s the difference? Hmmm

Maybe you become a millionaire, but I doubt it, in the short to medium term. Later it’s achievable 4 u, I think, if u care what I think. Why would you?

I’m busy showing people what I’m capable of. I’m not 20 any more. I am not obsessed with Canibus anymore. That was over twenty years ago. Why would I even mention it? Mention men? Remind me not to battle you, the way you get with the lyrical, also u not going to the dentist like jack not going to the barbers, I’ll warrant! Now we’re all up, no doubt Americans primed for Super Bowl, dunno, what late sat nite, what up ?


Here is a list of people I have thought of since 1st feb 2020. Should I do this? I’m ahead because it’s the assumption of guilt…you say it’s assumption of innocence? You would not list people in the same way. I’m not saying you’re guilty like the American court system do. Presumption of Guilt? No thanks, we don’t want that shit in England, keep it. Look what it does to the paupers. Oh we have a presumption of guilt? Do we? Why should we? A presumption of fairness ? Yes, can we have a presumption of a fair legal process please, or, actually, a fair legal system. No? Do I need a lawyer? Because I can’t afford one. I can sell some blood I guess.


Back to it. I guess slack is somewhere between hippy and tramp, caner, idealist, yeah aggressive perfectionist asa weakness. Grunge? Dunno. Is that what pearl jam do? Eddies cute but I wouldn’t fuck him. He’d enjoy it too much. He’s a sexual being, he reminds me of Dave Eggers in that respect, someone that…fuckin…reminds you, aggressively let’s you know that He Has Sex lol….lol used to mean lots of love bet u too Jung…young…

Selling blood?

I said that to the automobile representative at the Peugeot garage after a test drive. I had prepared fully, I had purchased some driving gloves and had sneakily got high in my car, sneakily in a thoughtful mood. I must have given off the impression that I could afford a test drive because they offered one. Do they let tramps test drive? Well obviously, or not. Sometimes the richest look like the poorest, the vibe, like aids victims look the healthiest. Butch. In my dream last night a man kissed me, right on the lips, and it felt nice. I turned my head when he bent , offering the cheek but no! Butch. Lol. Bob, yeah lol cough cough. Ackleff?


Oh, btw my shit helps get people out of trances.

Fatigue, Mood Swings, Angst vs Sucrose, Nicotine, Caffeine

Sooooooooo…a grudge match. Every b”it as vital as, say, Fish vs Bees (tie) , Ants vs Clouds (tie) , Hair vs Casinos (casinos edged it…raw financial power, Mafia rumoured to make Hair ‘disappear’ like male pattern baldness) , all-night raves vs Captain Reality ( “oh…it’s…it’s Captain Reality. Man. he…he’s not bad at heart, probably, but…man…let me keep my illusions, man. It’s always his version of reality, perhaps he values the clash. He must do. He’s just…straight. Also, he’s nicer than Captain Sawdust. Stay out of Chile, Sawdust”. Captain Reality lives in the shadow of Superman, as do the majority of Heroes, however, our cheery Superhero has put something of a fly in his own ointment by…by…nope, the Magic’s gone.

I’m off for a sly fag.

You want to go two’s on it?

It’s too cold to go to a Park, so………y’know…40’s…blunts…..chess…slow-motion kung-fu…rhyming…things of that nature…

More R

U want more R?

I got two times more R’s than Rakim Allah

2 18’s so here’s the 36th Chamber, sire

Peace to him and Dizzee R

Yeah my middle name is Mark

Not James like Bond James Bond

The scripture

After a revolution u need structure

or get blown away like Ron Jeremy

On November Wind shit

U wanna get at me

U wanna get at my Angel-kinda-army

What’s luck to an Angel?

Like an avatar they take the pain we can’t

Merkhabas got

Angles like Alan Angles McManus

Hand on the green baize…









just one

more shot





wean him off playing pool

at the lunatic asylum

why do they call it lunatic, lunar, la lune type shit

it’s common knowledge contained by the Schiz – o

other things that fall into my mind shit

deluge of delusions, allude to the illusion

nice dream then waken in an institution


mice dream of a rice dream

so in an ice cream scene

i’m Juan Cornetto, known as Don

importing straight milk from Cornetto

yeah and put a flake on the shit

just Juan cornetto?

Sure, i’m reasonable, rational, 

deal with Karma the way I deal with God

You’re ill, sure, but Godz illa

I used to think u a fraudster

like, there’s a long list’a

shit I thought’a

Adjacent to the Oracle

Originally, certainly

it came to me

so something nearer thinks the same of me I do of u

maybe I should off u

maybe i should offer you a ten for a dime

local jalfrezi bent, but there’s hallucinogens in the onion shit

alls fair in love and war

yeah, said a warmongering whore

with an assortment of anal sores

dunno whether I wanna break out, escape, disappear or die

bees break out of hives

shirky ones get smoked out, recognise

id rather be landing trout in southern Hampshire, rather

south central hampshire, northern hemisphere

why do we say its western, its kind of in the middle, mon frere

as I firmly reject the values of…where?

Wherever u r

as u imitate Grand Puba kinda sinister

I heard Mother Theresa

Had a kinder Sister

kind, i’m kinda kind, ya ken

where being kind is acting blind

why they use blinds in poker, R?

Gotta be only a few partially sighted poker stars

What they got talking cards?

Ha, no reason keeping a straight moustache

we all know u got an ace and an eight,

shit was broadcast

see the flop?

Pop u can’t see shit! 

I recognise the style of recon

reason for the file on me, son

Crack Is Addicted To Me

7-3’s not so bad? On a bad one by any chance?. Nearly 8, off the bar. “The Massacre at Villa Park”

Radio 5live is calling it. 606 next, and you realise that you’re facing robbie savage. After that MOTD2, if you want. Hey, you’re still champions, and will still be champions in like April 2021. Is it preferable that it’s against villa, best start in 50 years, rather than a ‘big’ club? Whatever. Dan’s Villa, though, maybe it was a sign that you’ve been seeing him in visions for three days. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand its finished 7-2. Get this – it’s not even the worst thing thats happened today. United lost 6-2 at home, city drew.start of season etc. nah, the worst bit was your pillow saying ‘It’s Over’, banning you from it’s home country, laughing at the football, calling you ugly, shit like that. You thought it was N, but maybe it was Satan, or both. Satan calls it payback, so……yeah. Broken heart or two, then, that is if N is alive At All, nobody’s seen her in 4 or 5 years. I wonder if that’s my fault like everything else is, where more realistically it’s not my fault and everyone likes and takes the opportunity to apportion blame far away from themselves. Or it’s God, whatever. Yeah blame God, what’s God going to do, not exist, in a Cut Nose to Spite Face situ? Man, it was a different vibe only yesterday, when u got visions of Jimi Hendrix and watched him at Maui or something. Saturday. SSSssssssssssssssaturday.

(the next day**************************************)

yeah, well. I’m on lyric shift, 2A.M. Start, so its 2:19, so I can start. Start what? Man…….i dont have the words to describe whats happening here, dont have a descriptive bag either, soooooooo……………. tues AM, maybe I got some £ sent through, get more art stuff, canvas, oil or acrylic. What’s happening here? Man…the thing yhat came 2 mind is that everything here is fucked up. I’m fucked up too? So i’m no better than them? Who’s ‘them’? Staff and Patients I guess. Whats fucked up? A significant part it stupid fat bitches being abusive, aggressive and unprofessional, patronising, it’s abuse or borders on it. It seems that staff feel the need to challenge whenever possible. This is bad ‘cos autistics get mad fear from arguments, aggressive shit, fucking………………..and theres 3 or 4 autistics here. Man 

A note about Kipper, the third most beautiful feline in the Universe.

Kippers Song


I mew at the morning moon

Too soon arrives the noon

Our Sun melts the beautiful dew

A new day is due

Time takes its own course, of course

We follow the river back to the source

Of light, mystery, black holes as a resource

This cat has no master, akin to the horse


Silent Siamese Sian

She secretly sleeps

Some seventy six spiral stairs seeming sneaky, stealthy

So snow surrenders to Sunday’s Sun and steams somewhat on soft soil

Smoke rising in the pale yellow haze

Rays that would surely seem shallow to some distant sacred shining star

That attract a cats lazy gaze

Not far past dawn

This feline’s yawning

Clearly the sun’s curfew is done

A magnificent spectacle on the lawn

But nothing to write home about, son

Indeed, nothing to wake up for, even, Sian

I’ll put a paw over my nose to please my pawn master

When he wakes from his slumber, if he ever does so

Prawn basket, my dream before the morn entered the temple

A basket full of prawns…they must all be for Sian!


My master is plain lazy

But I love him so

Cats calling Humans lazy?

I wish he was a robot though

He breathes down my neck

Through his spectacular nose

Who knows the spectacle

Of those pale shallows?

I read my masters dream

Master, wake up!

Oh you woke me up again

Roger, really

It’s like coming home

When I sit on your lap

While this lyric is easy

For you are reciting from a cat!

Save me do

A tank! No

My master sees no sunlight

Vitamin D deficiency

Oh, do ray me

Or even

Doh ray me me do

That’s nice

That’s what I think as I watch…

As we watch cricket

What’s cricket?

Did America invent it?

Take me down the pub

I want to get laid

That’s me in three months

And so this tail ends


So see you soon

On my lap


Yeah OK?



You stare at me too much

Am I your affection or your desire?

I’m proud of that bit

Master i’m dreaming!

I love it when you sing for me

And I love you, Roger

You have your ways, I suppose 8)

Please give me fresh fish on Friday

I’ll go to the market with you

If i’m not dreaming, i’m daydreaming

As I am interrupted in the midst of a dream

About my mummy, master

I miss her so


May I have some wine?

And some cheese?


Prawns on Wednesday, please

Oh Roggy?

Write a song about me?

Oh, after a ciggie

I dont admire them 

Because it makes u smell

And act funny

Do you put them over me?

What could be more important than me?


Pitiful Mew!


Make the ciggie the reward, not…

Oh I meant

Cig as reward, not the fuel.

Perhaps not a reward

For not smoking!

Master it’s the end of the page!

Hiya from a Room(summer soon)

Hi! All kinds of input into my sweet li’l mind right now. Fleet of our Avian friends outside in the beautiful garden talking, telling dirty jokes, making up songs, telling tales of love 💓 and having a bit of a whistle. Happily I communicate with the insects 🐜, they say hi and say Forever Love is the best kind of love of course…in a way. Then a solitary spider was rude to a potential dolphin 🐬 and her merfolk details, wished away on a salty sea breeze.

OK. I’m addicted to Coke.

But only the soft drink variety. Soz! But my habit is large enough to attract attention, so I was taken to account this afternoon and u would have thought it was the real thing sometimes, but there was a sense of coolness throughout my collar being felt. I need it to keep going, it’s a mood stabiliser, kinda, whatever, I like coke. I like the sugar rush and caffeine buzz 🐝 but I don’t know why I was made to feel like the worlds only coke addict. Man, I can feel my teeth dissolving. If you ever see me in a bad mood, maybe offer a coke then everything will be ok, just for a while.

I am up all night two out of three nights now, then I crash and wake up at a healthy 5PM. I’m recording again, not being able to express myself thru painting at the moment. I tried Water Colours, man, it was like Jimi Hendrix attempting to play the Sitar, as legend has it. What happened? He was rubbish. Yup.

Man, it feels like a man has to justify his life in modernity. Justify his existence, so what if nobody understands quite why we’re here, or what happens before or after our pitiful ish human ing time. We’re lucky if we are given one chance to make it, one chance to make it big, and, well man, we’d better be on it, we’ve only got one chance for fame. Or so we think. The noted professor Hetfield, J. claims Advantages are Taken, not handed out. Well shucks. Maybe if you live your life always looking for opportunities, you’d be so stressed, u wouldn’t enjoy anything and u couldn’t relax.

I, for one, have seen a litany of chances, opportunities, and suchlike pass me by, but the ones that are foremost in my troubled, addled, occipitally challenged little giant mind are the ones in which I failed to Score, either with Girls or sometimes in football. Scoring? It’s true, I’m rarely so…coarse. The item? Is held in modern life too, women are weird because if a man doesn’t take every chance to sex up a lady he must be Gay, some think. No matter what.

Fuck. I’m fucking lost here. Just sitting here…it’s like a comedown. Watching shit tv , though the tv would surely be safe from any violent advances if things got that far. I’m going nowhere. I’ve got a home I can’t go to, I have ballerinas ankles and I’m sitting around getting old. Also I’m wearing a wife beater, but that is of little import.

My next move could be up Pompey way. By The Way. Near the sea, loads of like minded people, who knows, anyway gotta go.

oh, I injected heroin in a dream.


later, y’all, R