Tech and Game Pt2

……aaaaand I’m back. After the mighty BBC B I got an Atari ST. All my friends had one, too. My favourite ST memory is the legendary Speedball 2. A violent futuristic ball game with mad power ups and money to collect during the game. After a while, as often happens, I was unbeatable. Think it was by Birmingham- Based Bullfrog. As was Populous, it’s sequel Powermonger. You can play Speedball now, it’s called Speedball Arena.

There were other classics on my ST. For example, Outrun. Bombing around in a Ferrari Testarossa. I played it so much I…yeah I had a lonely childhood…I can hear the music, too.

Oh yeah! Commander Keen! My sister was so good at this she would beat the game without losing a life. Like me playing Xenon 2. Again, a quality game. I memorised  the stages and would win without losing life. The original Xenon was cool, too.

I mentioned Populous, yeah. A….how can one describe it? War game, the player is God, and it gets progressively harder for…get this…999 levels. Ordering minions around and that kind of thing. I wonder if anyone on Earth has finished it.

Wolfenstein 3D. From id software who later produced Doom and Quake. The genius of head programmer John Carmack is obvious. Amongst the first 3D games, you got to shoot Nazis, plunder their gold, and also shoot dogs. As a friend said once, it’s a great feeling, shooting a Nazi from wayyyyyy down a corridor, the filth exclaiming a cry of “mean lieben” as he dies.

More to come



Author: Roger Francis AKA Android

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