Hiya from a Room(summer soon)

Hi! All kinds of input into my sweet li’l mind right now. Fleet of our Avian friends outside in the beautiful garden talking, telling dirty jokes, making up songs, telling tales of love 💓 and having a bit of a whistle. Happily I communicate with the insects 🐜, they say hi and say Forever Love is the best kind of love of course…in a way. Then a solitary spider was rude to a potential dolphin 🐬 and her merfolk details, wished away on a salty sea breeze.

Author: Roger Francis AKA rog@littleandromeda.com Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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