Andromeda Is For Free, Poetry

The Worst Thing In The World

I We You can’t believe this shit. Also, I can’t remember it because G organised a Alien Flashy Stick Thing on me, right then, oh I wonder why if G got nothing to hide

All of G actions seem aesthetically charged, imbued with meaning, laden with sentiment, significant others involved as per usual. Apparently G is pretending, acting out a role oh no ive gone to far and got stuck in the moment oh no type affair. Make believe Evil in its worst or is it best oh God Im so fucking funny, if only to those I insist depend on me, yeah.

It seems weird, this whole thing, the tone, it’s soooooooooo familiar, like in FNM The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies, the sentiment, the same innuendo from G side which I we you are of completely unaware. Football, yeah, should write about that…do you need help watching the football? A common phrase i’ll explain, or I subscribe t that shit (reps), I can’t afford for you to make it, G has no financial interest in the truth, …and look at that bubble butt- the baddest bitch in the game, can you teach me Nothing Else Matters (guitar nsection?), You want to Battle (reps – 872), Ugly (as sma), Get Out, I am torturing your dead cats soul, fisher price my first Timbaland, We got Him, Im calling the President, Thats not conjectivyy…etc, scramble Air Force One, One of these ants/etc is president… / …, I killed your father, is it cos I is black, and G’s favourite, I want you to know that I just raped your wife. Comedy gold, as im sure we all agree. Im sorry I got your daughter pregnant etc. etc.

Seems G has a phobia of me accomplishing anything, with someone else escpecially, even with a best friend material typ’a scenario. Mmmmmmaybe oh G didnt like the mmmmm bit, like why the fuck are you watching, honestly, like, im 6’1 ish, G cannot accept/verify more that 5’7. Climb Mount Kilimanjiro, take a small group up, even, past Uhura, all the way to the Flag a looooonnngg stroll further. ‘No you didnt u cheated’ I did, man, I made it. Sure, I could claim that I got at least two witnesses, Sarah the Vetinary Surgeon ive got the horn for 4 some practice/reason in part due to her claiming right now that she masturbated me to a thrilling climax…oooohhhhyyyeeaahhh those Australian Girls, i’m just lucky, not because … glad i’m not at a Royal Event, a Gala, if you understand the meaning. Man, if…i could, Sarah, maybe you can’t come straight up to me here in bed and say “i want to Fuck you”…”i can bring you off subliminally, the layers of meaning implicit in your bizarre behaviour on Sunday, Larium etc. Rog, ill get to the point. I want you to fuck me. I left my German lover momentarily so we can fuck, you’ve fucking well given me the horn. So, get your c…..(r puts his hands on s shoulders, stroking her left breast on the way up. “do me on the fl…”

she experienced her most powerful orgasm of her 30’s and her knees trembled

she fumbled his radioactive, quarantined-by-the-navy-and-clergy

pushes him onto bed?


wank off

think of me as you blag your own safe, who cares about the Scandanavian girl you’re trying to fuck.

Can u type

with the left? Handy 8)

as brittn says tell me how u want to do me

should I bring one of the aussies, kate?

Or not……..


”’when u fart do u sniff it too?”’

I read this article by a porn star, he’s like, u gottta bring your A game to every shoot, you cant fuck 2btimes on friday, 3 times on sat and then execute a pro-peerformance on Sun in front of the cameras. You’re not on you’re A game shit so you’re not gonna thrust A game either, sure u shoot more than most, but then again, man, you’re no Johnny Wad, no Dick Waddington even with full maracas. Who’s to say, maybe you wont fill the quota, a little film left, maybe you’ll get shit on, maybe you have to fuck a burns victim, a double amputee, a fat blind chick. Gets wood, no chance, all of a sudden you can’t fuck and find yourself being sodomised by, say, a Turk, an hermaphrodite, a vending machine (hi chocomilk! x), a carton of orange juice, but then being raped by an oversized OJ carton is a standout fantasy for you. Raped. Again and Again, raped. actually raped. No? No.


tired, fatigue setting in…a sandwich…anything to sustain my energy, anything except for another wanga, Robin Wood? Holly Wood?

Oh but…fuck, wheres Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis gone, looking at you, yeah. Also, Rick Mayall (marl red), sir murray walker, kurdt cobain, frank zappa, socrates, gerard houllier, lemmy out of motorhead, david bowie, Dark Princess Cleopatra, Chris Cornell from Soundgarden, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Dot and Pat from Eastenders, the Abbot Brethren from TX, Mozart, Bob Marley, Leonardo DaVinci, Jeff Hanneman, Julius Ceasar, Caroline Aherne, jim morrison, and of course, Satan, Shergar, and The Queen Mum


Uhhhhhh where to start? Maybe ‘cos I don’t know what it means, meanwhile an evil apparition which hates me and all I do is eminating hate anew because it doesn’t like the way I colloquialise. It’s a spirit which has given your Hero 8( untold grief over the decades, centuries, comes around in different forms basically saying and doing the same thing as always, fucking evil “evil is as evil does” ………and so on, maybe I did this earlier, the beyond stupid quotes from a true heathen. Maybe thats where I could start, say what this pseudo-evil shit is doing. I feel that Morals are not it’s forte, as for hating what I write, as NF used to say, like Why r u watching? Same with Guns n Roses’ Get In The Ring – ‘subtle manipulative devices’ and antagonism, or The Stone Roses track on ‘tucks and slurs upon my every word’

all these and so many more, to think it is a negro, or pretends to be one, taking the form of one, meant to have Soul and……………yeah

anyway here are examples of its actions.

-nnnnnnnnnno cos the meds have kicked in.

-employs people where I am, hospital, to annoy me, be it staff or patients, like coughing outside my window, constantly asking stupid questions, or, to the best of my knowledge, raping and murdering, ruining my life wherever possible, Impersonation a person, confidence trickster / trojan hoss’

I see this motherfucker in every single room I enter. He always seems to inflate any situation like a fucking drama queen , and the thing about being a no-human-form-haver means that I cant escape the attack, 232 times today, block it out…it said it’s Attack against Defence, as in me defencing and it attacking. I said I didn’t want to, I didnt want to because its a semi-massive trauma every time, what would u expect from Quantum Computers and Budget to Spend. Too much funding? Great.

And now the motherfucker is right beside me, offering writing advice.

Calling me ‘Rip’ don’t know why. My voices have started too, they say ‘you lost your best friend to Germaine The Willy Williams’, funny cos thats what this shit is about too, this little shit. Or not funny like his Lyrics, or witty, deep, knowledgeable, sincere, caring, thoughtful etc. Or even decipherable. A constant comparison with GerFuckingMain in the superior, he probable wanks to it.

Then I feel my head getting blown off, I cant feel my body, and Germolene celebrates another kill……………………………………………………………………………………………………………the next day ……..


fuck………………morals, yeah whatever. U define morals maybe by things u oppose naturally, things u hate, maybe a reaction to something, or u feel like somethings wrong but u dont know what it is…….dunno, that could be opinion or knowledge or instinct or leads into them …………………………………………………..

I got stressed (dont mention specifics) asked for Lorazepam and its like I said the most((de)constructive) thing, like I asked for an argument sketch in Monty Python Skin. I am…so sick of meaningless confrontation, meaningful confrontation,, I would say it’s part of my nature as a deeply Autisticn Weirdo but then I get challenged in my thoughts and it’s like ”’Professor Declan Murphy Disagreed”’ with the diagnosis of Autism, A-Typical or uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aspergers…and, for those unnaturally gifted at antagonism, confidence lacking and Always At War With Me meaning Canibus, eg, KRS? ”At War”??? They are attempting to Kill Me. Failing that, I should talk on relative death, spirits dying, Earth’s Angels ruptured and dissolving in Agony, becoming Pain itself FOR ME!

Oh I couldnt fucking guess what that means I am, many of you, whatever Skin colour you seem so unconcerned about, hating Roger Forever without knowing why At All but there’s always something Petty at best, many of you motherfuckers (sorry?!) see that as an opportunity to hurt….hurt well what?

Hurt a caucasian because i’m White

Hurt an Angel? fuck off Sma and Sma is like ‘An Ugly Angel’? Sma has a quota of number of times she calls me Ugly, she says she works for the…blah blah blah (lets get to specifics?) …Like…either God or Rape, |God first.n It’s a stupid Word. It sounds stupid, and its so abrupt, like an interrupt in Scrabble, For something meaning, well, everything, maybe nothing, too, fucking stupid, everyone has a different chance…at being famous and making it sort of thing but it’s all money really, God…yeah its different in Negroe culture. ”God” is something people say in Anger, like its unfair, something fucks up, stub a toe or get chemical burns, stabbed in the upper arm with a compass, God Is Blamed, Blame God, I…God Hates Us All, the slayer thing…Blame It On God, deicide,

yeah whatever. Im going 4 a cig, the word, concept puts me in a Bad moood and its probably blasphemous, fucking Christians…….oh sorry……………………………

(the next day)…………..uhhhhhhhhhh….o- yeah

”’Spent The (k)night with me/you”’

-a wistful Palin as Galahad, two Nun

provacateurs looking…feisty, teasing our Knight wit their dirty dirty Eyes.

Theres a punchline? Yeah the Spent bit,m like in Autstin Powers. No?

Dont…fucking…read then, if you could in the first place, my shit is often literal, literally literature to ‘your’ hmmm lightweight fiasco, a predetermined farcical non-event, a shameful shambles, syllables scattered like Prodigy Cymbals…you’d never determine the source of my lyric, you’d be more successful in attempting to marry a potato…fucking marriage, who invented the shit? You don’t really care, just wanna get on with your day? No, thats cool, fine with me. You don’t mind? Refreshing, isnt he, your lover? Oh you dont have a lover? Girl u so so wrong, well Jesus loves you…in what sense? Uhhh…wellll if Jesu the Lyrical…at least he has lyrics, yeah, people still quoting him sorry Him couple of thousand years later, he moved things too, water into wine…uhhhh..guess u could put liquid Acid in water, or like MDMA, im I rigght in thinking that any modern interpretation of christian view denotes me as blasphemous? If is was me who wrote it it is…yup…someone else…not so…. oh I see, yup that seems fair, no, really, no, you’ve been more than polite, I wouldntm seek to overstay my welcome, the last thing I want is to be is a burden. Oh, of course, always a pleasure, never a…oh absolutely not, much obliged i’m sure, oh…fucking…Hark.n are you jesus are you jesus are you jesus in disguise are you jesus in disguise?

I’m the one who’s spent. ‘Spent’…. ‘Money’

opp of spent? Saved? Withheld? Oh sure withhold the money, blasphemer, not only would it be a fairly insuccessful Porno, it sounds like a Poo thing with my man Freud. Wonder how he handles Ameobic Dyssentry, laxatives, constipation, Curry Night, Bidets, did they even have toilet paper back in 46,324 BC?

All part of the same thing, he ”’says”’

The ”’? Yeah, I invented it. It means ”’thought”’ and is useful in books, like, instead of Said Cyril the Squirrel, or Exclaimed Madonna, and then you’re simply out of …similar…fuck, dont know, dialogue is better, u c to me its a step forward, thinking, ”’thought”’ Our hero, like ”’man, i’d love to put my hand in his pants”’ ”’they’re exchanging forehands”’ or ”’…and i’m afraid that’s out”’ or returning to a Poo theme ”’that’s the biggest shit i’ve ever seen.”’

Aaaaannnddd im getting a feeling that my own creation can coiunt against me. No creation ever should, original shit, why would it? Except for coming up with, say, a…way to Snuff the Sun, original, I dont know, but it’s like its…delusional if I do it, I cant prove it, modern shit, I dont know if im the girst to do it but man…… modern life is rubbish, so true, come up with something new and get humanings fighting over it, claiming its theirs, legals, and thats even without humanfolk genuinely observing that it was their own thought originally, and it came from God, like it did to Me. Oh, Hail. 8)

Or some motherfucker is trying to steal my shit because i’m the Illest, ”’thinking”’ dunno maybe not b-coz im the illest but because my concepts are so veruy very fly, they like them but for some reason they dont want to or cant acknowledge the knowledge source, canibus would say replace the hate with respect but dunno its so hard…yeah. Try a compliment? Unless of course u a man and hes a man so yo’ll get called a butty. Shouldnt be like that but C’est la vie….c-ya! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrAAAAAAAaaaHHHHhhh!!!!

Life is a Losing Game

Living Game, poultry, totally

fed up, cant take no mo’

nice’a ‘tallica to give me what I wan’

no money down

ive never had less self control

implied I did her anyway, to the gal’s

gallows pole? I dont wanna know 8)

Polish some polish polish, no?

U say potato I say potato

chips to fries, she wants it shaven pol

when Fry is merely Homer

Asked Chloe if she wanted Coffee

She didn’t say No, Really

But she still heard Well Well by Nel

Scenario is beyond voice memo,

now is photo Booth

with the lyrical

a point of view enforced with chrome

apparently im in a position to Ask fo’

Anything? Huh? I didnt deman’

or threat’n

turns into medieval dead style death

turns into a skeleton with scimitar

turns into stone like fire

turns into rose like Marigold

says ”’u wanna Marry?”’

instead of being Sarc’y

takes it literally, such a shame, the Not

yeah well too bad

shame it’s maybe what u wan’

time to talk lyrically, marry what?

Specifics and time travel

are such a drag

Pointless, two’s on that without a fag

old fashioned values as an excuse

come and get me?

If Only there was such a facility

Shit is Easy like wanting to be Me

Arrogant isn’t he, closer to Aragorn

Pink clouds, big Wow

Englands Broke and we torture our Own R Home Grown, Human Lobe

Gimme the Lute, midieval Heist

Lunatics fear the Moon, totally

beyond, now, best kept secret

turned utterly unwanted now

Must have been Passed Around

Like a crack pipe or football

there ya go, its all he talks about

Rememberance of things Passed,

but more Molby than Proust

similar to a Professor or Prost

change into a gown for sentiments


so let me go. No? U don’t want me

around, more underground than a Grave of Big L suddenly spouting

Poems, a legend on Round Tables

and i’m drinking now, so ex- calibur?

I pull like it’s on accident

Beefy enlightened ceremony, therapy

an artisan, then, an artificial artefact

shit is ill, seen that WOW ceti shit?

Well maybe they referenced my Bell

aight, whatever

shit must be Clover, a magnificent


too beautiful, you’re either R or L

stare at the accomplice, snitch

you still couldn’t tell

referenced myself on 408 occasions

caught C checking the 3-1

death is as literal as u know it

brothers killing brothers an’ shit

so it’s relative, Nuns and Sisters

Sucking dick quick

a Standard Charter to Whoopi

type-a-thing, innit

fuckin weirdo, every concievable

excuse made to who, though?

Well I gotta go, My 20 friends won’t smoke themselves, a suicide cig

Make death illegal, may as well

Well……………..i’d rather be up in L7

No need to pretend to be dead

tell me where u think the deal from?


Roger Francis, july 2021 ADetc

Author: Roger Francis AKA Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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