Here be Lyrics And Dragon


I get up in that ass like an Aspesdos Inspecter, like a misfiring bidet which has declared sentience

You want to talk about Life, cos people do, yo kid professer papa old school claiming then denying, yo and claiming sets like mad like Ivan Lendl what u want charm? Remember when he was teaching Any Murray and he would win

Talkin Life, you advised to Learn off a Lifer

And that’s Game. No, not that Rapper, not the…whole…. Yeah uhhhh did people realise they come to me when they dream? Talk to you maybe but not possible, The BFG when a man could be Big and Friendly ain’t no gun

Yeah Hot Dogs not guns, aliens phase where they expect Humies to sell them things. Please look again at that, check your own reaction. Or swear at me, yeah. Uhhh isn’t that capitalism? Man it’s like u never played Galactic Civilisaton one or two, where you can find typical anyway. NS bored already. Why teach them when they are weak and will all but betray us We Think? Yo alien let’s check your Terra Signal. Yo Canibus this is… yo recent signal is like 1960 tech equivalent, in the name of censorship I’d imagine, some motherfucker don’t like stars, well I do, so do my multitude of intergalactic allies, didn’t put friends they just being careful cos I got burned a couple times yo I got a buzz asking for the….Jimi Hendrix, Burning of the midnight lamp fyi. For real. Yo shit is delicate, man I’m surprised that some magnificent alien race, just cool, getting by , treading water, why do you not show support for Jimi? I’ll tell u, any Hendrix fan a secret, or not, man it’s cool but we say Hippies lost. Man sure we can talk…. We cannot talk conventially lol perhaps my friends to be are able to communicate via the natural language of Time. Yeah true it’s Star Trek season ending and beginning, called…to new endings and old allies….or not, so u like *****¥<~><<

(We require stars to communicate) fair play

U stars! I remember no I’m not messing around….well I do rem….yo Bis or not, give them access to Ostravious to blag a safe forever…..aaaaaaand….how long 3 min

The rub? U be published, star folks and it’s sooo gooood only …yeah the *. Loads of….oh you got a copy? Get the file? Oh I hope so.

Yo look what occur when Canibus gets on a fair one. Yo c u not the stronger wisest bro, man, you peKing out at… Yh yo was like the dude who wrote Buckingham Palace, Canibus, was all Aliens Don’t Exist….for real, yeah check my input master type of exchange, ain’t no masta, really ain’t no slavery? Yyyyeeaahh

Keyword Burn

For mettle’s perhaps Metallica – Moth Into Flame, you’ll see!

Shit is safe

How u access Lesotho? Dunno

How you get High wit no seed?

I don’t, we’ll I don’t uhhhhh my alien buddies use difficult shit, tbh I’m not sure, they like he destroys shit if he’s high, a berserk rampager with Chaos Free Roll, a. Noble warrior, NS like u gotta see the rumours about his/hers Saving Throw, when he rolled,more 20s than Lionel Messi Mental characteristics on Football Manager, back in 97/98 could sign him at 18 for nearly ten million, sweet.

Buuuuttt why do we need a saving throw? When we gonna die. One thing you need is to have the ear of your Deity oh not necessarily fair play….hi, gamer, what is a Saving Throw? We’ll yeah. But u not gonna find out without Dice, Dice and a Welcome To Earth Package of Warhammer

And that’s just the start. RPG-me-do

Oh U bagged an inestimable value Horsebox.

Or not, C applies pressure but….he should get back to…??? What so Roger, Me, can’t write Horsebox, also me?

Maaaaan I’m gonna end this Tearing-up-the-cosmos-deity-eternal-emporer-infinite-revelation-ish-the-word-of…..well me, why do I need to undermine my value, my worth, my lyrics, my life?

What are you eating for tea? 77% aliens have tea regularly, yeah here it’s tea and toast at 9 40 pm, up…

Why…man, you done breathe new life into the Universe. The Steven Hawking interaction is worth a slap immediately that was not set up, u want the truth? Oscars? Canibus as Germaine Williams called Nevis a fat little funster who’s only positive behaviour is for Roger, Me. Loads of people heard it. Aliens just lool at my older shit to find stuff, as a cipher perennially curtailed, yo why is Canibus …. I could be wrong but….yo what is Nevis doing with Canibus even in my head, yeah I wonder 💭 how…I wonder what my anathema is doing given full and absolute control of her,since…forever yeah . Hey im saying what’s in my head, real people care, as for what he called me, a ….why would I g….as I said, this …yo it hurts as every fan of Nelly know or not look what happens to my cipher, spent Sunday…playing footy man, writing drawing etc

This is for free lol I just resubscribed

helenisotherpeople lol

Hopefully I don’t get in shit, it’s just lyrics, words, I never fucked anyone over. Peace to Westwood.

Author: Roger Francis AKA Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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