The Worst Person In This World

A liar decides the truth. It is waiting for to See You In Court, already well passed the “leave and I won’t press charges” it smiles at the phrase. Phrases like Leave Me Alone, Go Away, Fuck Off, and similar are recognised as Call To Arms and are treated as Engage phrases, like we would? I say we because of the paranoid schizophrenia link and voices I know it’s not just schizophrenics that get voices but Those Phrases are things people who are being Raped would say out loud in their head, verbally or screaming, I’ve heard personally…but I digress. Ask any Rape Victim…a rapist would want the victims to repeat the same experience forever or getting worse and if allowed to do it, probably will. Evidence? Exactly, there is none except the victims word, and likesay the victim doesn’t want to go to court, wants to be left alone, suicidal, you hear of these things, Go To Court and relive the experience this time in front of our family, get me, it’s the nightmare one where the Offender personally asks the questions and it’s like What Type Of Rape was it? That’s like…It’s So Cold, the case is leaning towards null, the fact you have to…in my head it went ‘’’ I Can’t Rape Him Legally ‘’’ I mean ffs should Trigger Alarms and it’s like… yes he gives off signs of being….what…a rapist who gets away with it

you got someone in your head too? I’m coming from a Mental Illness angle, where words are not believed, everyone is Wrong all of a sudden, beyond recognised means…remember that… ok well it’s a definitive definition of the psychiatrist favourite, telepathy, it’s like well telepathy the ability to communicate beyond recognition means, cool, all my buddies are thinking, like voices that don’t go cold anymore, buuutt when I/we get violated often when there’s nobody there, it’s a contradiction? Getting a Smug Grin from a Reptile, there’s no proof. Uses recognised means to access, then do whatever it can and there’s no proof, beyond recognition in that way, using vital channels of everyone to well Rape, suppressing evidence, tele is great sometimes, a 6th sense , its like magic, like on Star Trek where they go to a cool planet and get voices from the green potential allies, not from the green Troi doesn’t smoke then lol voices are like We Don’t Communicate Verbally unless we have to, unless it’s necessary, not like smug well-to- reptile, disgrace to man. Like the…on and on the sound of your own voice must sooth you, hi JH,

considering legal Acton? Against who? Like got legal..

Whyever would You be worried? Guilt being legal and emotional? Whoever reads this? It’s the principal, you’ll notice no names, this is exactly proof kind of…

if this…what … things are freedom, life itself, an aberration, to quote Chuck D, With Some Of Then Looking Just Like You

Freedom to Rape??? Must invent laws???

This , yeah well likesay from a I’ll perspective where Illness is not a compliment.. yes I am compliant, yes you can ask about it, the accidental deletion of 15 years of medical records so they…ask away, I’m not hiding, this is not anonymous as such, Yh compliant with meds so my Schizo Army including Autists, a rare diagnosis I know, what’s Wrong With Rog? We have lots of labels

Yh I feel threatened etc I dunno….is something threatening me? Victim Gotta Prove it

yeah u can read this in court, like Heat by 50 cent. Treat as Evidence for the Victim or not whatever. Considering legal Acton? Maybe it’s about You

or not.

Why have we got cable very suddenly?

Author: Roger Francis AKA Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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