Here be Lyrics And Dragon


I get up in that ass like an Aspesdos Inspecter, like a misfiring bidet which has declared sentience

You want to talk about Life, cos people do, yo kid professer papa old school claiming then denying, yo and claiming sets like mad like Ivan Lendl what u want charm? Remember when he was teaching Any Murray and he would win

Talkin Life, you advised to Learn off a Lifer

And that’s Game. No, not that Rapper, not the…whole…. Yeah uhhhh did people realise they come to me when they dream? Talk to you maybe but not possible, The BFG when a man could be Big and Friendly ain’t no gun

Yeah Hot Dogs not guns, aliens phase where they expect Humies to sell them things. Please look again at that, check your own reaction. Or swear at me, yeah. Uhhh isn’t that capitalism? Man it’s like u never played Galactic Civilisaton one or two, where you can find typical anyway. NS bored already. Why teach them when they are weak and will all but betray us We Think? Yo alien let’s check your Terra Signal. Yo Canibus this is… yo recent signal is like 1960 tech equivalent, in the name of censorship I’d imagine, some motherfucker don’t like stars, well I do, so do my multitude of intergalactic allies, didn’t put friends they just being careful cos I got burned a couple times yo I got a buzz asking for the….Jimi Hendrix, Burning of the midnight lamp fyi. For real. Yo shit is delicate, man I’m surprised that some magnificent alien race, just cool, getting by , treading water, why do you not show support for Jimi? I’ll tell u, any Hendrix fan a secret, or not, man it’s cool but we say Hippies lost. Man sure we can talk…. We cannot talk conventially lol perhaps my friends to be are able to communicate via the natural language of Time. Yeah true it’s Star Trek season ending and beginning, called…to new endings and old allies….or not, so u like *****¥<~><<

(We require stars to communicate) fair play

U stars! I remember no I’m not messing around….well I do rem….yo Bis or not, give them access to Ostravious to blag a safe forever…..aaaaaaand….how long 3 min

The rub? U be published, star folks and it’s sooo gooood only …yeah the *. Loads of….oh you got a copy? Get the file? Oh I hope so.

Yo look what occur when Canibus gets on a fair one. Yo c u not the stronger wisest bro, man, you peKing out at… Yh yo was like the dude who wrote Buckingham Palace, Canibus, was all Aliens Don’t Exist….for real, yeah check my input master type of exchange, ain’t no masta, really ain’t no slavery? Yyyyeeaahh

Keyword Burn

For mettle’s perhaps Metallica – Moth Into Flame, you’ll see!

Shit is safe

How u access Lesotho? Dunno

How you get High wit no seed?

I don’t, we’ll I don’t uhhhhh my alien buddies use difficult shit, tbh I’m not sure, they like he destroys shit if he’s high, a berserk rampager with Chaos Free Roll, a. Noble warrior, NS like u gotta see the rumours about his/hers Saving Throw, when he rolled,more 20s than Lionel Messi Mental characteristics on Football Manager, back in 97/98 could sign him at 18 for nearly ten million, sweet.

Buuuuttt why do we need a saving throw? When we gonna die. One thing you need is to have the ear of your Deity oh not necessarily fair play….hi, gamer, what is a Saving Throw? We’ll yeah. But u not gonna find out without Dice, Dice and a Welcome To Earth Package of Warhammer

And that’s just the start. RPG-me-do

Oh U bagged an inestimable value Horsebox.

Or not, C applies pressure but….he should get back to…??? What so Roger, Me, can’t write Horsebox, also me?

Maaaaan I’m gonna end this Tearing-up-the-cosmos-deity-eternal-emporer-infinite-revelation-ish-the-word-of…..well me, why do I need to undermine my value, my worth, my lyrics, my life?

What are you eating for tea? 77% aliens have tea regularly, yeah here it’s tea and toast at 9 40 pm, up…

Why…man, you done breathe new life into the Universe. The Steven Hawking interaction is worth a slap immediately that was not set up, u want the truth? Oscars? Canibus as Germaine Williams called Nevis a fat little funster who’s only positive behaviour is for Roger, Me. Loads of people heard it. Aliens just lool at my older shit to find stuff, as a cipher perennially curtailed, yo why is Canibus …. I could be wrong but….yo what is Nevis doing with Canibus even in my head, yeah I wonder 💭 how…I wonder what my anathema is doing given full and absolute control of her,since…forever yeah . Hey im saying what’s in my head, real people care, as for what he called me, a ….why would I g….as I said, this …yo it hurts as every fan of Nelly know or not look what happens to my cipher, spent Sunday…playing footy man, writing drawing etc

This is for free lol I just resubscribed

helenisotherpeople lol

Hopefully I don’t get in shit, it’s just lyrics, words, I never fucked anyone over. Peace to Westwood.

…aaaaaaaand my moneys not as good as yours

its official

So…Apple wont let me renew Music on my Visa, no, Rog, they dont want your custom, Apple Fucking Music doesnt want funds from a hippy, you cant force them to accept £9.99 per month, must be a real…burden, Apple wont…anyway, im not lining their pockets, im wondering though how they became a 2 trillion $ force, when they cant get it together to receive payment….let me pay you…no…its only ten quid…that doesn’t matter…its the principle 8)

Mooooooooooving on to icloud, its shit and im being denied access, now it wont let me upgrade storage….do they….nah…DO THEY. Its not logical………make a few files, so they put clouds up? fd if i know, but all of my freestyles have stupid clouds next to them, so….so i cant even use them domestically…so the cloud is a way of antagonising me, file theiving….man i might go back to Windows 8(….somerthing i pay for which seems to be preventing me listening to my files

Aaaaaaaand on to YouTube….all im saying is…its about Views. Cos it’s OK, either im deluded on some delusions of grandeur thing, or YT hate me and dont let me increase views. I am Paranoid, Thank You. like i havent thought….i mean if YouT are singeling me out, i mean….yes i accept the number of views on…my buddies are saying that i’ve got mad and mean

Yeah like you’ve seen a good man turn bad

If i didnt have bad luck, you know i wouldn’t have no luck at all

Someones fucking with me, man, in all probability many are.

Uhhhh…..schizophrenia is a shared experience? schizos are from the future?

this is a tough gig, maaaaaaan

It’s like theres something, and ppl preventing me from being sucesssful, someone…they maybe work for Intelligence, after some Int was discovered in Canada, after all that time….

im sooooooooooooo tired please dsont wake me up im only sleeping

Sleep On, brother

Play On, brother

How to make TV better 4 Free

Hook up the speakers, man, mic up the tv speakers and put it into an amp or equivalent. Sound cubes etc, so the amp is playing what usually comes out your box. Except that now u got effects, get it just right, feed the shure or akg into the Marshall etc… and suddenly you’ll be watching the sport news with chorus and delays, phasers and flange, harmonies…no reverb though naturally. Soon I hope you will get a little love, maybe a smile when you hear This Is Trevor McDonald, and this is the news at Ten and it sounds like Pink Floyd! Peace


Soooo…. Officially I listened to Deicide and had a nightmare. Nightmare to play too, in a technical sense. Man… like brexit….. nobody…yeah then Covid..symbolic of how shit we are that we are forced to wear masks…all there is on the front pages is how A Prince has sexual relations … I mean maybe he just fancied a bit. Be as outraged as you want, inferior, and ignore the notion that we are sliding into war. England. At War. Fuck, look at the ….state of it. And we’re giving Billy big bollocks, officially sending ground troops to the region. Yeah typical, send the …fucking…. Entire army if we have one, and either of our outdated ships…and then get invaded by Scotland on the sly. Can anyone guess why 666 SAS have already done their job…they probably see it as duty because it is or was. 333 male, 333 women, mission liberation of freedom. Liberation of freedom of liberation of freedom.

And then…uh the environment? In 23 years Ipswich will be predominantly under water. Unlucky for Ipswich, as Norwich laugh. Sometimes I wish I was still there. Heaven? Huh. What was the name of that club? Yeah Fat Pauly’s. Legend. The Bank, NR1. Miss it. And her. The way The Galaxy misses terra , not Earth.

To quote Rakim, what was once easy became confused and hard. We started dying and sinning. Maybe now what was once hard is now simply impossible for all but…. Things don’t have to die? I know it’s so weird. Why is there death? Outside of Earth it seems absurd, but that’s probably…. Like galaxies don’t have Endgame. You know who you are. Ever consider a galaxy turning up at a near neighbour looking rough as a badgers, stammering, getting it together to ask for a cup of sugar, before a Breakdown?

In other news, I hear Beck is confident about cutting an album in a couple of months. Easy for him, word is it’s writing itself like in Robot Wars, like it’s got a SRIMEC.

Peace to bigandromeda

‘Go’ , ‘Ruff’ , ‘Hey’ ‘ Recognise’ , ‘Creation’ and/or ‘Uh!’ , ‘rrraaaahhh’ , ‘wwwaahh’ or ‘Yeah’ – TOP TRUMP FEST

Or like in Paper Scissors Stone, this game can be fun. As a mettler I appreciate a well placed Go! And enjoy playing Games with it with my friends. I mean cos I’m into metal…there’s more Go’sl. Example of a Go!? After the Solo of Struggle Within by Metallica. A well placed go that can only enhance. Yet it is not the only one in Metallica. A litany.

But there’s more to it, it’s all… timing, enthusiasm, power, it’s almost a release, a relief. Sometimes the best Go’s seem on the edge of desperation, a strangled cry of Go assuring the earnestness of the singer,, maybe in the background…Rise by Pantera has a Go near the beginning, but for impact listen to Dead By Dawn by Deicide, although it’s technically a ‘Uh’, but…yeah.

But you need quality before and or after a Go!, man, if you don’t like heavy metal you .. I don’t mean to be divisive or to marginalise, because I was marginalised as a deity, I turned into a semi dead Deity and a brautiful sun gave its life for me, exactly how I/we give our life to others. But a sun is dead 💀 an actual star ⭐️



I Think I Think

To coin a phrase. Coins is something I need more of, to sate my semi-mechanical hybrid soul, like playing later levels of Gauntlet, street fighter, or maybe on the fruity…quids,

Space invaders is cool but, like Hetfield in Spit out the bone, I kinda like aliens, so I never shoot them, just wait and pray that they get me soon. I wouldn’t harm an innocent ET. The internal ethics of PAC-man… I mean society is intolerant of pills 💊 in general, look how many pills our hero Pac-Man snaffles. What up pac? What up Son? Heard u get all the pills and chase ghosts around, man. I……need……pills………to……exist. Ohh like the ones in the corners? Yeah! Special pills 💊 I must consume all the pills.

What happens then? If you take all the pills?

You get High, man?

YeAh man, it’s like a whole new level. Only… her indoors….she don’t like me getting high and chasing ghosts. Ms PAC…

Ms? You not even married and your piece is telling you what to do, man. You want to marry her? Man it’s the same scenario. You eat pills man, it’s what u do. She won’t let you be yourself? She call you pillwhipped?

Man I hate to say but… you ever think she loves the old jack and jills too? Yeah she’s playing you for the last level strawberry, man, and she…cmon PAC don’t blag your own safe, chill out, there’s lots of pills around, ask any musician.

Dedicated to the guys who got 120,000

Life Owes Me A Living

Well that’s cool, like the phrase swims in my Piscean mind sometimes, I haven’t seen anyone else use that like that. Really ? Yeah.

So I have copyright? Dunno cos it’s a concept that’s original, man , like Rakim Allah says in his work, if you are not original nobody is going to remember you. Originality? There’s lots of it in my manor, people get by being themselves until the institution breaks them, then the … yeah I think it’s the unwritten necessity of an institution, man it’s rarely if ever on your side, man, listen to Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies. I take it you empathise?

Man, empathy is like the acceptable face of drum roll telepathy, kids in the USA 🇺🇸 grow up and….. no, the magics gone. But no, if you’re empathic and make it doesn’t make u Gay, like Rob Halford or Michael Stipe, it’s a gift… a skill. Why would anything be treated as masculine like Pavarotti or feminine like Jasper Gahunias Mum. What up Jasper. You know if your mum likes me you could end up calling me Pa? Man….you must be cool, you must be. Man, if any of you have creative plans let me know, we could collaborate instead of being lonely not like me I’m not lonely! Ha! Far from it oh God I’m so lonely but Angels often are.

I will never die. Repeat this in your head. I will never die. Your head I mean you will never die, same here. Really? Yes, I will never die, too. Save Valhalla for Mortals, witch.

Oh I’ve got some videos out on YouTube, speaking of dodgy witches, under the name Rajim Allah. I’m considering changing my name to Bronson Allah, dedicated to Charles Bronson and Rakim Allah. They are true leaders. Pa? Pa? What? Can I borrow 73,000 dollars? No? Pa? You ain’t my Pa? Pa!

Last night I talked to atoms. If anyone believed me , a scientist….hmmm anyway I will put out like tops, firstly, atoms prefer a state of unliving than being on soft headed Earth. Things which concern Atoms are Consent, supply of atoms into the food chain etc but the fun thing about Atoms is that they constantly seek improvement, life killing life, what are we going to do, get the Sweeney to Bosh an 8th of posh and force our tiny friends to do time? Atom prison? It’s even more unfair then Nonce Wing for the Innocent 😇

Peace to all,


Music and Dancing and Laughter and Elven Soup, and thick mushroom soup that greys enjoy so much but is so strong it leads to poisoning equivalent in humans, hallucinations but our alien buddies chill out and roam, a bit of a walk, maybe they do orienteering etc… they are here for a reason, they slowly or quickly reassure Earth that they will not let Earth die. Cool. What about humans,! Humanity? Where’s the alien humanity? Sort of. They quietly understand, like Tauren Elders, like water, rocks and maybe ants, fish, birds. I heard that even the most romantic, brave heart birds split up with their life mate far more than in previous years. Sad. Maybe they fly back someday. Broken-hearted Love Birds 😮😢 and also I’m in mental hospital in somewhere fairly average for Xmas