Whip you silly
Endorsed by money
Endorsed by crack
Nicki give me the merc, smoke Hersch,
Money down shell gimme the tush
I’m death boy, death man
Just as well I’m not in a hospital
Death by disease, airbourne aids but cureable cancer
As I contemplate getting high off a chillum
Stun you with the stun gun, go stunting with my mum
Stab you or shoot you depends on how I feel
Shit is real, there’s gotta be someone I can kill
But I only respect you if I can’t kill you
But that’s not you
I’m the most African
Can’t get u food but I can take the pain
Cos I can’t take the pain
Most of the bad shit is from mistakes made in the past
By me, maybe
Let me take the pain, baby
Then perhaps offer to smoke opium with me off a crude clay pipe
Opium for Africa, the healing type
Martyrdom for death boy, write the best riff ever written
Give satch hand strain,
When I had bad dreams of hell the only one who cared was Germain
If u love someone get them high
Yeah maybe a crystal bong, u ever smoke resin?
For starters it’s not for beginners, but that’s just………
Peace from death boy

Getting money from saying words
How absurd
I keep it surreal
And attempt to sell you pills
Caffeine leisure supplement thrills
Make you feel the need to kill
What do you expect, I’m addicted to death
I end things, I end things
Then puff low quality hashish through a semi decent pipe
Yeah that’s right
I must kill I must kill I must kill
That’s what it sounds like in my bean
Paying my cat to clean, that’s probably obscene
Warrants a fine from feline minds
Schizos maybe shouldn’t get a cat,
Like what’s a schizophrenic like?
Well what’s being human like?
What’s liking someone like?
Yeah like what’s liking like
I think that
Cos u just my type
Serial number similar, a futuristic robot 🤖 from a bygone era
Excelling in terror, the most notorious man in Winchester
Except for top tramp Ron
He’s not really gone
Gets free pasties for dropping wisdom
How could I look down on him
The way everyone did
Fuck this
That’s what we all are thinking
Deep down, do you even have any feeling?
I’m feeling I’m feeling shit, who invented the word feeling?
Andy? I need a drummer.

Author: Roger Francis AKA rog@littleandromeda.com Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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