Me on UFC

Yep, here we go, Party. It’s me on UFC. I made up a joke about this on twitter once. Ultimate fighting Championship. Again. Except… Again? Like….who wanna see championship get his ass kicked by ultimate? Oh I’m an artist, it’s different. Differently abled? To what? Yo fat ass? More abled. More able. Very Fucking Able, Francis. Indeed. Sir.

I’m in for a bollocking here

And I didn’t even get to talk about UFC

Ah well

Rog? It’s me. Of course……no, don’t worry, our able Host, Rogerius Maximus, the Lord, is merely describing himself from a third person…or is it fourth…fifth….take the fifth, negro? No? Motherfucker.

Sergio the Panther vs Alves the kickboxer. An all Brazilian affair. Another girl announces the round with her….physical attributes. Tall, skinny, big tits. Every other girls nightmare. Don’t steal my man. Quietly. To myself. Don’t st…..please don’t steal my man. Please? Or I’ll fucking Kill you, Bitch!!!!!

Author: Roger Francis AKA Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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