Sun, Moon and Stars

Cardboard Sofa Filla

Pt 1 – Stars and Space

Man…as we look to the Night Sky…we have difficulty acknowledging that The Earth is in Space already. Its just another planet. But why are planets spherical? Theres no reason why planets are shaped like this. I think back to the Big Bang…man why would that happen? Before the Big Bang…whatever created our Universe would not allow its creation to die by retraction.

Why is there life anywhere? It doesn’t make sense.

In my mind I see perfect dark, and a mans finger evident, coming out of the darkness, tapping once, and creating mad life coming from the tip.

We don’t know why we are here. All we can do is guess. If they could ask God only one question, most ppl would say like “What is Life?” Or “What is the Meaning of Life?” shit like that. Life is anything that exists, I guess. And the meaning of life? Maybe it’s simply survival. An Obligation To Survive, as Hetfield sang on the Black Album. Survival By Any Means could be the meaning of Life. Or you could look in a dictionary, under L for Life, and read that. Ppl who define words are smart, man.

Fuck, we have all but killed the planet, 300 million year old insect species are going extinct and Bees are all but an Endangered Species. Without Bees humans are in big trouble. Earth is frustrating, man. There’s no plan on this Planet. It cant cope with the fucking ppl, man! Too much life is too bad and I can’t do everything. I can hear our world crying with disappointment for Mankind. They tried too much at first. Humans are basically animals in need of food and water and kill in their mind, repeatedly. We enter and exit life helpless and with little idea of what happens next. I can say i’m alive. Yeah. Go Rog, good luck with that being alive shit. But the matter that creates my body was there in the Big Bang, we all are made of the same material, going all the way back to the entering of Life itself. Scientists say its about 20 Billion Years, but it’s not. A reliable and knowledgable acquaintance assures me that it is 274.2561 Trillion Years Old.

So when Rakim Allah speaks of the Seventh Angel last coming to Earth 66 Trillion Years ago, it makes sense. How could we know how old the Universe is? Man. I bet that when we figure out the meaning, aims and scientific prowess of the Universe, if Humans manage to do it before WWIII that is, …no i’ve forgotten my point. It was nice though. A telling contribution indeed. Oh yah. If we survive to find out how old shit is, the debate will simply change to ‘Which Universe’ because there’s untold Millions or Billions of Universe Types. Universe Types?Of course Universes would have different styles, weird patterns and strange creations, unique matter types. Which Universe? Fuck.

I think that I have had a positively underwhelming effect on a nearby Galaxy. It cries always at the unfairness of it all, while a Million beautiful Suns start singing in harmony, just to cheer the weeping Star up, as it was a popular little animal indeed. Ocelot strange type

1, entrenched Defensive Ego Complex. Doesn’t rhyme an more he says. Nah fuck this it’s boring Anyone fancy a sly half?. Stars are alive, any Stars fancy a pint? How many pints would it take to extinguish a middle sized Sun? How many to make one a little tipsy? Probably more than the number of grains of sand in the Sahara Desert, but less than the weight of the Pisces Constellation, in Grams. The number of raindrops that have ever falled on Earth? Man, thats got to be a big big number. Vastly more than the number of Universes inside an Atom, potentially, theres like 76 separate spheres inside each love-me-do-me-do atoms, which need breathing space in the

collider. And it isn’t safe to do that, why would we crash atoms anyway? They feel massive pain, and they want to be loved. They need a long run up and a straight line in pipe form. As I masticate. Knowledge from Tau space. Scientists are they. Atoms wont behave if they are unhappy. They have responsibility to the Sun they were once part of. Oh and the disappearance of Saturns Rings? The rings are going home. I cannot tell you what that means. Not because of security issues, at all,but because I don’t know. Did you know that Earth (who called it ‘Earth’? Imagine the pressure of having to name our World. How do we judge what the best name is? ‘Earth’..better than ‘Soil’ but we can all come up with better names, certainly funnier names.)

The Earth had been all but forgotten by the Milky Way (‘Milky Way’!), it was kinda brushed under the interstellar carpet and left to fend for itself. Life dies here. Everything will die here, even you. The Sun too. At one point in my life I figured that, because the Sun will become dead in a couple of billion years time, there wasn’t much point in doing anything at all, let alone the homework I was trying so hard to avoid doing. Of course, my mistake was that we, as a race, could calmly re-invent a Space Ship (a ship? In Space? How Absurd!) and leave our little, meek, with its massively unpopular Saturn and vitally unobserved nearest-to-Ganymede World, leave our Solar System and hastily colonise Earth 2.0. If one thinks that we are the only life in the Universe (how absurd!) then it wont be populated and we wont be kindly but firmly asked to leave or have the interstellar equivalent of a clip round the ear and our collar ‘felt’. Many feel that putting a man on Mars is a stupid, crowd pleasing, budget-really-aggrandising thing to do. Mars itself, having been at War with Earth a few times already, would scream silently in pain and horror if it felt Human footsteps on its terrain. Oh we were at war with them? Yeah, a few countless millions of years ago. A tit-for-tat encounter in which pleasantries and playful, teasing banter turned into what Earth called a ‘Special’ War (Martians called it ‘unwanted, unnecessary…Just

Author: Roger Francis AKA Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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  1. This is very impressive and wide ranging, Roger! What a lot you know – wow 😲👍😊 Mum xx

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