Telling myself I’m not Alone

Tell myself that I’m not alone

Why would I listen though

When I’ve got me to listen to

And not you, not anyone

Must be what I wanted

Well I got it

Got it?

well I kinda did

the end of the sofa damages morale

shit is significant

shit is schizophrenic

so it’s significantly schizophrenic, certainly

but I don’t hear anyone else laughing

cry out, crysis, far cry

cant play red dead redemption 2, why?

rdrr like that

funny? I nearly laughed

fish are laughed

that is,

i don’t hear them laughing, but I see them laughing at me, at every mistake vs infinity and /or a perfect reflection of a relative reality where perfection is relative, relatively speaking. Then they say they deal only in absolutes. Well, absolutely.

then the voices start. Asking if I need help writing poetry, do I need help to watch tv. All I can thinksay, thoughtdeed, is to ‘’’think’’’, to ‘’’say’’’ is my shit could be better. Do they want me to stop? Some Government feel threatened? Like I’m not allowed to write any more. Thought police? I need thought Good Samaritans, to give me hope in my hour of need. It’s funny, in Ackright by Dr Dre it goes ‘good Samaritan save that hoe from getting smacked up’ . Oh, please, then? Some people hate Good Samaritans. They can’t ever be really cool.

for the last eleven weeks there is no record of The History of Earth. Anywhere. Nowhere in the Whole Universe. Is this because of me? Most things are. Except, this one could actually be me, distorting time lines, influencing the axis of Earth, forever altering the previously smooth passage of our Sphere through space and time.

  • my cat, Kipper, is giving me a dirty look, I reckon for picking up a pen she so enthusiastically pushed to the floor. She may as well be from whatever Agency is messing with me today. Yesterday it was the Spanish. I went to Barcelona once, so they, from Madrid, have a head start in disliking me. They already have an excuse, even a reason to do it. And indeed they did fuck me up. I get visited by intelligence from all over this world and other, new worlds, too. At least I think I do, and one should always give a schizophrenic the benefit of the doubt, unless he or she or it is one of the rare lying schizophrenics. You know what they all ‘’’say’’’ to me, the intelligence agencies? Prove it. Prove what? Prove we’re giving you voices. Prove to who? Your local MP…the police…MI5. They all say it. I mean it’s likely to be MI5 or a subsidiary of. It’s the same old argument, and the same thought processes in my troubled mind. Prove I get voices? If I could prove it…is it even proveable in the first place? Doctors I talk to believe me mostly, but sadly hold the opinion that it’s not real. Rog you are not getting tortured by governments all around the world. Aliens then? Or Aliens. If I could prove I was getting psychologically abused by distant Galaxies to my Doctor, what can she do? The satisfaction, though, would be palpable. She actually agrees with me? I’m right for the first time here. But what happens to the responsibility? Would she have a duty to try and stop Andromeda-Hating Quadrants fucking with my head cos of my relationship with our Galactic neighbour? It’s not real. Oh, right. That’s nice to know. Perhaps a small discussion between us over the nature of reality someday. But why leave it until tomorrow…let’s have lunch together. You’re married? Well then, congratulations doctor. But I didn’t ask u if you were married….yeah I know this bit is too long… but it’s tradition, is it not, for doctors to sometimes socialise with the people. Oh, and I’m not paying cos u earn over ten times as much as me. Yeah I agree that it’s all relative, when Messi gets a cool Million notes a week. He probably complains that the Barcelona President, God bless him, has far more paper even than him.

but I digress. For example, a government hires a worker whose mother was raped. The government tells him that you are a rapist, feeds him with amphetemine and whatever mind-hacking equipment that they use…he’s been primed, and you can’t get away from the traumatised youth. I hear the pay is excellent, too. Voices…I knew one girl, and she claimed that she was getting paid 150 notes per minute. Per minute! Specialist…I think people sit in meetings and discuss what voices they are going to give to me and my schizophrenic brethren the next day. What will the theme be? It’s a waste of taxpayers money, man. Yeah, from my experience….yeah I know, Ill man claims government gives him voices. Well they do. They would, too. The first thing intelligence agencies want is access to the brains of the populace, to know what people are thinking etc oh the Thought Police you say?! Hippy!

Seeya, Rog x

Author: Roger Francis AKA Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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