Assumption of Guilt vs Delusions of Grandeur… 8)

Assumption of Guilt vs Delusions of Grandeur?

Opposites? Somewhere, yeah

My home? Somewhere, yeah


It’s called nothing

It’s not clever

Well it is

But isn’t meant to be funny



Like calling your dog

For example

For example

For example

For ex,…..and so on

What up ra

What up pa

Got u there

Releasing anything? No?

Then I’ll never know where u been since the master

The game? Whatever. I came in with Horsebox, I released iller than illness

It’s embarrassing?


Somethings wrong u say…

Like been fucked up

In o poetic way


Well I wrote that bit

For example

And after the last one

Between the start of the sentence and the end

Where my mind created something

To fuck yo shitt up, pa

That’s Allah

And the intention? Well read it



Why was I thinking of u



Oh yeah

She’s been fucking my pa

In her head


Something seeded by my impression of my pa

I recognise

She thought it was me

Recog antelope house, so ton picu 

Am I in shit? Look at my first thought after the new leaf

Talking about leaf…

I neeed a new doctor

Cos mine thinks he’s the godfather


He won’t give me free weed

He lies

Says it’s not here



Not concillierge then


At all


I wonder if she planned


It was my idea as if it mattered to ya

I don’t own her

But she’s no rainbow

But she’s close to it

No rain in a rainbow

No bow either

Like forget me



Stop playing u off ok

Stop putting me off

What u want me after hearing Goodbye?


Oh ok


What is this assumption

Fucking….fucking…like….like your fucking fbi or CIA

Trying to put everything in a relationship

Well everything in the universe has a relationship with everything else


Yo fat momma


Oh tennis is on

I know the problem

I want to go but you won’t let me

Then I want you but I can’t have you

How ironic?

That’s not the real problem

I mean we’re going to die

On Earth

I mean you might

Or me

I don’t know

I woke up during a seance

My funeral

Funereal vibe

Like 27

Getting old?

Oh, you too?

Like 42

Like,  endear 50

Near 50

Now Rakim

Would turn this into mad alphanumerical with the pharmaceutical, competition pitiful, thr potential pitfall sadly minimal, negro I’ll turn this lyrical like powerfully trying to impress puffy, attempting to impress an impression of myself into him, then he comes and rushes me with his hype man…man. 

Are you Horsebox?


Then u got nothing I want

That’s how it went.

Is that all?

Did he mention big?



Then something strange happened

And he bought my pa

A hearse

Did he abuse me?


Well your still here

Did Keith abuse me?

Because I think someone did

Fucking weirdo

Or I’m wrong



That’s what it’s called


And what I’m a victim of

They say I’m guilty of

Like Kurdt was saying

Slack died with you

Can I write to you?

Well try and stop me

Suicide? Well I tried plenty times

So I’ll be the ideas man

U be the straight man

Jeez get it together

I haven’t seen someone take so long to hook up a cup of tea



As in what

I sense you


Asking me if I’m trying to get lyrical

Well bitch do u own words?

Cos u act it, or your boss does 

And you’re thinking copyright, and that copies, right

Well I copy, right, and copy copies right out of my head, then gets an intercept like that mad motherfucker from 49erz, whoever…I can only guess. But u can only intercept if I release…that’s nice, you’re good,it’s an honour, huh u treat me like the hero from The MRtian film at the end. It’s an honour, Sir. You’ll go a long way saying that type of shit. Matter of fact kid, I need someone to…artefact it? Is artifice necessarily artificial? Fuckin krs I reside like artifacts . Type shit. Anyway kid, I need someone to type my shit up.



Ok then!

Hmmm but that’s long term

Short term

I need milk

Or not

I got what I need

But I don’t know what I need

All I can do is what makes me feel better

Cos I got nobody else todo that

Short term


What do I need

Well what do I need for what

What am I attempting to accomplish


Like my voices say?


I just published, the books out


Reminds me of someone I never met 

But represents…I like pac too!

Fake? Whatever. If you want to bring it lyrical, well

For example, well you could look at the original Freestyle Champion

The 15 minuter the lyrics are in to blag avSafe forever

By Ostravious

Whoever the fuck that is 

I’m sure u got lyrics too

I’m sure this is like a breakthrough for you, too

Whoever that is I wish they were by big bro at school

Whatever, I’m proud of you too

As I…accelerate, purify, condense, enhance, a hundred bars is just an entrance, put you in a trance like you like mar mite well your ma might be a deuce, your ma might be yo fuckin momma well she might be mine dude I wish she was cos after she came out after the smoke was all sweet smells. Iridescence. Can someone help? Think a lost soul wants help, some mad sociologist. For real.

And I get help. Yes, I’m high, but it’s a maintainable high.while you write about….well whatever, son, what up? Nas like whatever, don’t go to Dublin or London ……whatever! Still like Nas a person or lyricist? Like…as a spirit. Anyway, I’m writing about achievable heaven and you…you writing about a million dollars. What’s the difference? Hmmm

Maybe you become a millionaire, but I doubt it, in the short to medium term. Later it’s achievable 4 u, I think, if u care what I think. Why would you?

I’m busy showing people what I’m capable of. I’m not 20 any more. I am not obsessed with Canibus anymore. That was over twenty years ago. Why would I even mention it? Mention men? Remind me not to battle you, the way you get with the lyrical, also u not going to the dentist like jack not going to the barbers, I’ll warrant! Now we’re all up, no doubt Americans primed for Super Bowl, dunno, what late sat nite, what up ?


Here is a list of people I have thought of since 1st feb 2020. Should I do this? I’m ahead because it’s the assumption of guilt…you say it’s assumption of innocence? You would not list people in the same way. I’m not saying you’re guilty like the American court system do. Presumption of Guilt? No thanks, we don’t want that shit in England, keep it. Look what it does to the paupers. Oh we have a presumption of guilt? Do we? Why should we? A presumption of fairness ? Yes, can we have a presumption of a fair legal process please, or, actually, a fair legal system. No? Do I need a lawyer? Because I can’t afford one. I can sell some blood I guess.


Back to it. I guess slack is somewhere between hippy and tramp, caner, idealist, yeah aggressive perfectionist asa weakness. Grunge? Dunno. Is that what pearl jam do? Eddies cute but I wouldn’t fuck him. He’d enjoy it too much. He’s a sexual being, he reminds me of Dave Eggers in that respect, someone that…fuckin…reminds you, aggressively let’s you know that He Has Sex lol….lol used to mean lots of love bet u too Jung…young…

Selling blood?

I said that to the automobile representative at the Peugeot garage after a test drive. I had prepared fully, I had purchased some driving gloves and had sneakily got high in my car, sneakily in a thoughtful mood. I must have given off the impression that I could afford a test drive because they offered one. Do they let tramps test drive? Well obviously, or not. Sometimes the richest look like the poorest, the vibe, like aids victims look the healthiest. Butch. In my dream last night a man kissed me, right on the lips, and it felt nice. I turned my head when he bent , offering the cheek but no! Butch. Lol. Bob, yeah lol cough cough. Ackleff?


Oh, btw my shit helps get people out of trances.

Author: Roger Francis AKA Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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