I Wrote This Tomorrow.

Passé in the future

Eddie furlongheard of me? Well I must have made it, and I’m not being patronising like I am when I’m talking to jk Rowling and keeep trying to help but only hinder? Stymie? Get shanghighed? I was never after your money. I have never tried to fuck you over.

Anyway, here’s glen Benton to say grace. Actually he could sell. His visions of hell to jk Rowling and she puts it in a sanctuary for the future, age restricted to 30!!!! In shocker.

I mean…if cross goes platinum….Deicide with Harry Potter shit? Mega plat. What’s after platinum? Chain. Plate. Mithril. Adamantium. Obsidian. Selling a billion? I did. Where? Not on Earth. Why would I? On this planet people don’t know I exist. That’s the problem here! Hey! I exist! Hey! And if it’s hey! I’m hungry then u need a momma. If it’s hey! U want a beer? Then u like them maybe. Whatever. Can I drink your bloood? Brains? Ok.

Glen hates Harry. He hates Jesus. Jk? Puzzled. Hell exists. I went there once. My problem? It was shortly after an exorcism had been performed on me and my haunted flat. By a stupid massively obese female Methodist minister. I had been tortured by spirits and I ended up in hell. Stupid bitch. Is she still doing it? Holy water? They used Evian. Oh yeah. I may have been putin Hell for setting the congregation on fire. In my head. Not reality. In my twisted imagination. I see my church, sometimes I use it. Sometimes…I don’t want to talk about Jesus or Satan, it’s not my bible. I don’t pray to anyone. Don’t call me blasphemous either. I’ll go to hell? I have written extensively, about both Jesus and Satan, hell, Christ I was possessed by both, and more. The fat preacher dismissed it as rubbish. My literal word of hell. Student shit. Well why call it blasphemous? You treat me like Muslims …it’s like they say Christians treat Mohammed! If u understand.if u want an advantage over Muslims why not be tolerant of….whatever. Me. For example. Why not welcome my experiences, type shit because you’re busy oh ok.

My point is a Christian put me in Hell. Maybe it was Jesus. I doubt it. Maybe Jesus got me out of hell. More likely. Deicide? An advert for Satan. Mickey Mouse of evil? Who? Voldemort?

Pump that shit, Time Terminator copyright me.

Jesus hates magic btw. Prob turns Paul Daniels off. Have you seen my wife? Fuck sake.fucking magicians. Ok Jesu who else? I’m not buying u wine, addict. YouRe weak. You show weaknesss immediately and annoy me. I’ve got beer, good ale, not lager. Fucking go for it, and I’ll treat u like I treat other beings, like guests in my home. Sometimes it goes well sometimes not. Oh, the stars. Yeah the pressures off, got Deicide on, cleared 5 friends headaches. Then Jesus wants to talk. Like I have earned it. A promotion? Of hell? Fuck that sounds so good. If Deicide sucked…what if Deicide were cock? Hair? Even false metal? What then, frail Jesu? Oh look, a bacon sandwich seller. They are plentiful and obviously amuse Rog, our host. We are Rog? Hmm I’m not that far gone, though establishing a hive mind holds some advantages, as Sma no doubt would say, if she hadn’t clumsily forgotten about the hive forming, and wasn’t too busy in paradise. She fucking hates coming to earth. Talking to me. She hates me. She used to like me,long ago.we were equal power for a few weeks then months, then she caught a break and took …advantages are taken not handed out. She took hers. And then some. Shes high. Smokes…hydro. Keeps her oar in..ill tell more in time. Ok!

Can I get paid for this?

Harry got inverted, says hermoine 

Harry got opposites, says ginger.

Ginger grunts and smiles, with something approaching satisfaction, thought whoever. The master…

It’s so obvious, they ‘’’think’’’

So we can use opposite words? From the original books?

Listen, man. It that blaxploitation? Cos if it is…true, there r few negro wizards. Do they get cast as Warlocks?

Man, if u want more Harry Potter…get Role Playing….Larps…fighting fantasy!! The warlock of fire top mountain! Citadel of chaos! In an act of patronage. Or don’t. Feel free to invert the words within Harry Potter books, or turn them into whatever you wish. I don’t care. My name is Ostravious, I got a couple of books out, you may like them. Anyway…inverted. Opposites. Latin speakers have an advantage here, with opposites. That’s why they go mad and need to be put in abandoned castles, the women. Because of…can I sell some blood? I’ll give u a beer with a clever name if u have sex with a pig.

Do u think ppl are getting at me with names on my ales? Examples? Hmm… hell town. Deep fake. Two examples. They’re relevant to me. U want to talk why? Ok but I can’t pay. In the Uk they…..I’m schizophrenic, and that’s it. If you want you can join me Tuesday for psychology, where, because my fucking mother is involved now, we will be looking at basic conversational skills, and probably basic cooking, with an eye towards hygiene. Did I guess right? You should give me the benefit of the doubt. Why should you give the edge to a charismatic man? This means you insanely believe him. You trust him? You believe him. Well, you are listening to him…isn’t he Handsome, this aryan being who gets by on a sturdy chin.

Can’t wait to lightning him. Do u play cricket, Arian? Because in Bangladesh….me? What was? Act of….don’t say it…

Well to wrap it all up, I was the only bloke in nick that bet on an act of God! Which was nice.

Harry? What’s the opposite of super


Thanks. Five for now, five for later. Lemme tenner. Man!?

Ok. For that. Wait. Can you sell me some acid? Because ro…Ostravious is really…the truth? OST asks who decides the truth. What is truth? Define truth! You can’t? Well nor can I! In LA that’s worth a drink? No? In Hollywood I’d get blown.

And in Compton you’d get blown away.

Harry died

Harry you are dead.

Then what is happened is this

Everything he ever experienced in any way is opposited says ginge, inverted says hermoine. And he is presented with it. Hmm not enough. It’s my fucking life. Yes Harry. It was. Before you died. Deaths not…it feels like relief.

What a relief! Says hmmm worried about him. Pay me and I’ll write etc hmmm

Anyway Harry, says Death, this is who you are. Sort of. Here it is. There. 

Like…normal. Not that surprised, or impressed. 

Yeah. Well you wouldn’t be that surprised. Harry, when I say sort of….there’s loads of…well, when you asked that mannequin for acid after he bummed ten off u…

Mannequin? Oh. Yeah, I didn’t think he was going to pay me back either. But I thought that because I’m buying acid off him, that heS going to be…

Fair? Cos he sells acid? A hippy? Oh how wrong you Are and yet…back in the 60’s, …

What is? Your IQ? Alright, Harry? You know you should take acid with people you love and trust and I thought…where am I? That’s what I thought. 

Yeah I thought I was going to think about thinking about think about thinking again. About. Yeah whatever. Sex? Oh how little you know. And you never really grew up. Harry. 

Well at least I’m not dead, like you and ginger. Oh, look I am. I’m fucking dead. And so are you. I’m not.

That’s a lot of acid, Potter. And, like happens fairly often, you’ll find it’s relative. Death. Life. Isn’t it all really. Really….yeah. Oh you’re right they’re dead and you’re wrong they’re not dead 💀 but you are.

Hang on my familiar is dreaming.

My own enemy attacks me. Calling me pathetic and weak. How dare I attack him. I’ll call mummy he says. How dare you ask her for food.

Author: Roger Francis AKA rog@littleandromeda.com Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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