Further Reminders of Our Future (equivalent of a Bonus Feature)…bonus is a funny word, sounds like bone us, like slutty women would think or say. Anyway, I typed this up.



yeah. This is gonna take a while. Was just thinking the problem with Music is Musicians. Mosaicians? Most musicians probably couldnt get a mosaic together, neither physically in mosaic form, like The Snooks could and can. Oh, or a musical mosaic? Few could, dunno, like

Jimi Hendrix or …man…i mean is it just complexity, like layers, so rappers could never mosaic because of the comparative simplicity of the beats?

Music? Rap like I was saying seems an easy, logical start, but I dont want to do it, and im not, for various reasons. It’s…spiteful and I never got anywhere despite trying hard, ended brutally exploited justified by hate, hate, as far as I can see, because I was putting my shit out for free.

Aaaaaaand for other reasons, man, any excuse to hate Rog, Horsebox being another. I didnt start a Music chapter to talk about my own stuff anyway, but I guess its the start of a new book, I got a few ideas already / anyway / should it be an autobiography? A self-penned great work? Like they all aren’t? This book writing sure dont pay well, I got steam on MacOS but cant afford the Beta of FM2022 so…yeah, u tell, u see im honest when I say I got no money. Its other ppl, got your own money, great, u got my money, less great, like in Rog Inc. for example, Gra and Germaine? A telling duo, telling fibs more like, calling my mum a liar types. They are very similar, hunt in pairs, I heard germ hates gra more than he hates me, so…why do they work in tandem?

Canibus used as a reward for R by G?


Music? Shit. My taste? ‘eclectic’ like everyone nowadays. My faves u can read on ‘The Green List’ by me, but man, whats the point writing about something the reader cannot experience? Either my perspective as I listen to music, or even your own, listening to music your own way? Thats the thing being from The 28th Century, being stranded, lost in Time in the past, with Neanderthal Fakes.

I guess if u read this on your sexy sleek machine it could have the option of you listening to the songs, which is a start.


“What a bloody nightmare for England, then, as we run out of money completely, Chancellor”


—–”Will MPs be taking a voluntary pay cut, to show willing, in this time of poverty?”(q by me)

Muffled answer – (£100,000 doesn’t go very far )

its always annoyed me that the PM position is a Job, a Job like any other, may as well be a Graduate position, like MI5 (oh here we go) (you’re the new cromwell(do u accept/)its opinion, im the new Lots of Things, but of course respect Oliver Cromwell. I could be PM? No I couldn’t, not from this position, to say I, RMF, the Roger F, the Lyrical, should be Prime Minister and it all makes sense is a different story. ‘Should’ is a strange word. Like theres blame attached, at least when youre down like me, have had a few beatings , though none physically while conscious, to quote Necro (musician, Jew, Pimp, entrepreneur)

“I never got fucked up by anyone my own age, ever.”

but then he grew up in Projects somewhere in New York, and I grew up the Wrong side of Worthy Road if I wanted a Crew or a Hood, or if I wanted any friends at all where shit is like Rog is a spoilt rich kid. Yo, In real time, like the FBI arent watching me, I respect that, I hope they respect me, clearing my name being synonymous with exposing Liars and frauds, man, you’re gonna have to accept that Rog, aka LoveMushroon aka RogLozenge aka Horsebox, is the epitome of American Values. Sure, its easy to type that when the FBI are (hi! How can we help? You want help with my files?) I was Never Your Enemy. Oh, yeah, apart from then. Whatever. I feel calm, mature, measured, cool, tempered, but for some reason I keep thinking about Alanis Morissette. Perhaps she is a Spy? Was she the one from New York with the big tits who I spoke to and we got on really well, the one who I thought was Tom Araya out of Slayer’s Wife? Spirit In Black.

Vapebreak (I smoke Ice Queen)

g tastes defeat, I can tell 🙂

“this time its epitome”

and says hes proud of me

fuck off, gra-ndma pretend

dont pretend its a personal battle anew, brotherfucker, sisterfucker, earthfucker, motherfucker.

What do you accept defeat as or was? At ? Get off my page.

“i am disappointed in my brother for telling the truth”


“and for hiding the lies in his life between clenched teeth…as I enter his body again and again. Thats all. Think Long and Hard about it”

quote from Graham Francis

see what I mean?

Its a voice in my head, the quote, same as Cromwell.

Didnt that just stop me Dead?

Nothing should get punished for merely trying to survive

attempting to

avoid pain

or not

depends, but im big on morality

most deities are. Taucettti, would you? Imbed? Or not, cool, oh, her, yeah. Youre in shit for torturing me. Lots of things are, though.

This is Music, that shit I wrote, to me. Beautiful. Until Gra turned up. Then it was more like love being raped by a reptile. Love being Raped? Yknow, love itself, as an essence, a thing, being penetrated forcibly,

I can feel him

not this time, rapist, thers too any ppl tho u love an audience, check your email bro!

As I laugh and FBI and CIA too

“you can keep england. Im off to ? That wasnt a quote”(G)

I get a headache and he says its what he controls my mum with. I knew. Monster. Arrest him, PM

or will he Kill Again I USA, Letwin?

Then he says I duped him into believing im better than him, he appears as a USA Bluff, SMA controlled, sodomises me so I can feel it from 40 inches away, I feel it go it, then my tap turns on I my bathroom and he says Kill Yourself, Go On

I thought you might stop. G-Rape

im gonna call a friend. No, not pete, who u fucked up me old china.


Eard u dont like pandas

did the music stop? Man….

We could have Peace…i was fucking writing about music, now its like shit chess. Im down, you would be too.

England is as good as dead, allowing this to happen. Does g work for Intelligence? Even then? Is he a fake doctor? A rapist? Hmmmmm

letwin ”’says”’ he rapes like a granny.

Letwins a cunt, too

Paxman is the soundest authority on me, I think, the best Rog Knowledge, thats why some cunt fucked his head up, please some ALIEN WHO LOVES ROG CURE HIM AND….yep there…AND SLAP GRA,

my right eye hurts…u ok paxo?



Fool’s Mate in None.

Author: Roger Francis AKA rog@littleandromeda.com Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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