A poem of mine from back in the day

Alphabet Snuff – ‘E’

So what where u come from

Halifax to F off to Mc D
I be three older than thirty three
Sky took £88.88 out of five p
what /chav mf I got a degree
Like im doing anything other than fiending
For the Antique Legal Amphetemine
Later im’a get a q of green,
Actin like u an ace u merely a queen
As Nas pull up u question which district with some speed, southside, I believe
Like it’s a who’s poorer convention, I mean
You Younger, nowhere else to be
This ain’t a if-u-dont-behave-u-be-like-Me
My shit sorted, homey, relatively
Recently got out of internal Hell, Hell times three
Bein happy 4 me, I don’t expect 2 C
Kid, what happenin’ in the Winchester scene?
All there is is u lot and dodgy OAP
Nero like want some coffee in your sugar honey?
Back 2 basics, this shit all sounds like ‘E’
After Last evenin’ I was talkin to IMB
Seems he get problems with infinity
Nothing to do with Whisky Death Disease
We’re all dyin, man, feel sorry 4 Me
Certain Gonner experience less than fifty p/c
Either it just lyric or u personal 2 me
If it’s both u significantly shifty
If it wasn’t announced wouldnt give a S-H-I-T
All I really want is your Peace
Fuck that, in Death that’s what we achieve
Lifeless Nothing Void Afterlife, that nasty
Careful who u pray to, homey
Imagine praying to Me
And after the hilarity
Imagine Life without me, that easy
Imagine Death without me, that queasy
feelin u get be worry,
and that car be Police, next a Taxi, next its you lookin at me, age years 20
Another Rozzer then an Audi TT
Punks scared ‘cos the Lawman got they frequency,
Lemmy blames me
First its the Hippy
Then Ravers all High off E
Yo look at rhe year, it 2-0-1-3
Since what, since one Jesus, Winchy
Anno Domini, thats Roman, oh the sacred irony
Yeah ‘cos Romans killed him, you see?
Latin still in Italy, and shit, and muchos legally,
and also Doctor Who’s Perfect Army
Thanks for saying it’s Deep
This is a lot of same-sounding-shit 2 put on 3 Sheet’
Legion links with Satanism, then the Nazi?
We are many, thats what the grams say 2 me
Weeke and Harestock, thats Bus number three!
Yo Rome got Sacked by a disorganised entity
Venta Belgarum was our Capital, previously
When I was GCSE, 2,000 A.D. Unimaginible 2 Me
Party forever i’m not gonna be, you obviously on 3 E
So Kid, into College then University, hopefully
U Dumb like the chosen one u need a trade, see?
Can’t you interpret this as Modern Christianity?
Multi-Faith Behemoth, evidently this a Deity
4 4 Winch Side, u jokin’ me
I already said Peace
Is there Peace in necessary Loyalty?
Shit be straight Treason Recently
Endangering the country, ain’t that the MP?
Our stupidity, heathen beliefs and sodomy
Smell that chemical smell, that comin’ from me
I do this to Exist, I don’t do this 4 free
That chick across the road, she lookin’ at me
My Being in Maccy D afta 10-30
Implies absolute loyalty and dedication at least
Not at all sorta, only here cos of unavailability of speed
Written on a computer, People think I use a PC to rhyme, probably
This not possible, MCXP
Testing self to extremity, for the Love of God, can’t you acknowledge the knowledge publically
Judge me now, schooly, I get injected I stil angry
Fuck this shit who follow me?

Author: Roger Francis AKA rog@littleandromeda.com Android

Musician, Artist, Writer. Telepath. Psychic. Schizophrenic. Auteur. Cat Lover. Cheap, Seedy Quality. Undiagnosed For The Truest State. Happy. Free. Poor. Weird. Eccentric. Single. R. That’s R Hippy, in a PICU

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