Stupid, ugly flower

I must be a stupid, ugly flower
No one left to blame except a kitten and a moon
I cried twenty nine times before noon
Even woke up Springsteen, he cried in his dreams
Monday is a bad day, it always was
U get punished if u got high at the weekend
By some authority, hey, don’t punish me
Tuesday can be ok, used to stay up
Get paid, three outta four weeks
Bruce says I owe him twenty
Man…I ain’t got twenty
I bArely got one
Gotta get paid, says her fiancé
Pay me
Pay me
Wednesday is Odin day, I got the sword too
Septic schizo with a sword
That’s me
Where are you?
At home
Stupid fucking ugly flower
Couldn’t attract her
Crying circle ⭕️
I recently founded one
Bad people don’t cry themselves to sleep
Then cry at the thought of a new day
Masking my cowardice with blame and fate
Hey maybe he’s gay
A lady’s man
A ladyman
Play Electric Ladyland again, man
Got problems like Dirk Kuyt got work rate
Like Anderton got proneness to injury
Like everyone on tv got syrups
Do kittens have periods?
Kittentampon, a subsidiary of kittenstare
It’s not fair
This isn’t fair
If life’s not fair then it’s unfair
Oh, go, life.
Yeah that’s fucking great
No choice in life or death
No sense in either
◦ Born to die
Afterlife must be after death 💀
I bet the fuckin afterlife isn’t fair either

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Fuck It!

Cig break

I wonder if I can say bomb.
Can anyone?

Well u didn’t invent it, who did?
Duncan bomb I guess
Uhhhh mood swing
Uhhhh moon shit
Yeah I do blame the moon,too
I thought I did do
I want to bomb myself it’s true
Thats untrue what I wanna do
If you’re apricot I wanna be…April Mandelbrot
The last cries of a dying pigswan
A horsebee, ladybiscuit or serpent lion 🦁
I ain’t a ladyboy I’m a ladyman.

You said
My boyfriends shaft is thick and long
Do you want it in your ass

My response is this
Now hear this
And listen good, lady
Because here it comes…
I don’t know.

Just cuz u getting some and I’m not
There is no difference u right
So ur getting some, are right, and have the smallest nose ever


The Tech Game…………

A summary of Tech+Game

Part One

The BBC B Microcomputer. 32k. 32. Yup. Man that’s not much….RAM. This isn’t much you say. Back in the day, pre internet, before the alignment of the Planets and harmony ruled once again, this was the latest tech. My Father, Dr Malcom Keith Francis, PHD, bagged one straight away at considerable to no expense.

The BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation, unless I’m mistaken, unless it’s a weird acronym that meant something else. Electron was I believe the precursor, if you will, to the BBC, never saw the A.

Yet…….what did the BBC stand for?

anyway. Early adopting Daddy got it and it was the best thing ever. It had mad games. Snooker. PAC Man. Snake. Asteroids. Even a fledgling Football Manager, where it was the World Cup and you could be Czechoslovakia, if you wanted.



Man I have rarely if ever seen a linesman this inept. Who’d be a linesman? Except perhaps a trainee linesman. Offside! Ref? Linesman?! My God…my god. This season…What Paul Pogba just did in The 50s ish at Highbury deserved a red card. All season long. It was a foul. It was! Ok ok so I’ve got money on Arsenal to Win. But only a tenner. Refs a bit…a little thirsty. Fuck me if United Aren’t cheating scum. I fucking hate United.


So we’ve won it. And I’m still disenfranchised to a considerable extent. But to be fair …. am getting superstitious man. Was watching on BT Sport, then LFC TV for radio and a little partisan commentary for once……..then I smoked green in my bedroom, legally. I don’t care who knows. Legal. BT Sport is good, the subtitles are better all of a sudden. That’s for the deaf. Suddenly the deaf, like my mum, Jenny, are all…I can see, and shit like that. Referee….ref…….come on reds. Lallana magnificent, Maniche

That Marriner in an intergalactic disgrace.

Football. I’ve seen referees sacked over less. Disgrace. If doctors can get put in prison on a malpractice suite…as a ref…he has got every single major decision wrong today. At Liverpool. Vs Burnley. Keeper fouled. It was a foul. It just was. Maybe the ref didn’t see it. Yet again the red men of Anfield are the victims. Then he’s given us nothing. Maybe he’s been bribed. RefWatch. Maybe it’s unfair to blame this woefully poor official, and instead blame…well its a Sunday…so we can blame…this is too important to let some prick mess it up for us. Us. There I finally said it. Us. There is an us. A Sunday you say? I’m off to write a book about football, and after that I’ll probably get high. Seesaws! YNWA. Fool!


…but it wasn’t a problem because the AKAI can be powered thru USB and so my iPro. How long until I-mail? yeah. Who owns this? What is ownership? Man. Politics…Religion….sure I can talk about it. Kipper…kipper….kipper! Anyway AKAI is, on Amazon, a century. Speakers suck but its cheap. Volume…can u get…or I mean, really, me? Can I get paid? Im poorer than Harry Potter inventor JK Rowling ever was. Or, in fact, just as poor and I don’t knowingly have a child at least no to support. If I do it’s my right to know and I should be legally informed. Anyway.

No I don’t get anything for this.


Man…I picked up an AKAI Synth from Amazon for under a century…in a box…so….very…slender…and…there were no batteries. But that wasn’t a problem because I’m hardcore and have almost single handedly turned Winchester, UK, Europe, Earth, which is where I’m from. if u didn’t know. I mean I was born here. Earth? Yeah. Winch Side? Yeah. I been around but I always love it here. I complain about it a lot, yeah, but complainers can often spot improvement and a complainer, to me, and to Ludwig the Gotpig, is really a frustrated perfectionist. If u can actually improve what u r complaining about, maybe u should work for them. Money. Gotta Go, but I thank the invention of the Welfare State for keeping me alive.who invented it?